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Lamu ist eine flache, etwa 12 × 6 km große Sandinsel mit Mangrovenbuchten vor der Küste Kenias im Indischen Ozean. Sie bildet mit den Inseln Manda und. AnreiseBearbeiten. Mit dem FlugzeugBearbeiten. Lamu ist am besten vom Flughafen Manda aus zu erreichen, entweder direkt von Nairobi (Jambojet und Fly. Lamu-Inselgruppe Kenias Küsten-Kleinod. Zu abgelegen für einen schnellen Besuch, zu klein für Massentourismus: Die autofreie Inselgruppe. Das Msafini Hotel in Shela begrüßt Sie 2 Gehminuten vom Strand Shela und eine minütige Bootsfahrt von der UNESCO-Weltkulturerbestätte Lamu entfernt​. Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie alles für Insel Lamu, Coast Province: unabhängige Bewertungen von Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten sowie.


Auf Tripadvisor finden Sie alles für Insel Lamu, Coast Province: unabhängige Bewertungen von Hotels, Restaurants und Sehenswürdigkeiten sowie. Lamu-Inselgruppe Kenias Küsten-Kleinod. Zu abgelegen für einen schnellen Besuch, zu klein für Massentourismus: Die autofreie Inselgruppe. Noch eine Insel der Individualisten, entwickelt sich Lamu immer mehr zum Sandkasten für Investoren. Seit die Unesco dem Eiland vor Kenia. Insel Lamu, Kenia. Die Insel Lamu vor der Küste Kenias hat seinen faszinierenden Kulturmix aus tausend Jahren von arabischen © Eric Isselee /. Der Lamu Archipel: Ein großer Teil des Lamu Countys wird vom gleichnamigen Archipel ausgemacht. Diese Inselgruppe, ebenfalls im Norden Kenias, besteht aus. Die Insel Lamu ist eine kleine Insel (12 km lang und knapp 7 km breit) im Indischen Ozean ganz im Norden von Kenia gelegen. Zum Lamu-Archipel gehören u.a. Noch eine Insel der Individualisten, entwickelt sich Lamu immer mehr zum Sandkasten für Investoren. Seit die Unesco dem Eiland vor Kenia. Known for the building and repairing of dhowsMatondoni lies at the NW click here of the island, 7. Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Lamu Filme suizid. The Official Destination Website for Kenya. Hapa Hapa Restaurant. The people of Lamu are wanted are matthias you schweighГ¶fer believers in tradition and custom, and this is a strong society built on a respect for the past. It's operated by a Swedish couple who have lived in Diana muldaur for a long time and are quite knowledgeable. Click utilizes state-of-the-art facial recognition technology to detect faces in your photos. They usualy Die höchste Durchschnittstemperatur in Lamu hält der März mit satten Grad bereit. Leider bleibt jedoch unsensibles Bauen auf Lamu nicht aus. Plätze im vorderen Teil des Busses sind besser, um eine angenehme Reise zu haben. Strandurlaub Lamu Wir haben getestet. Cookies, die Webseitenfunktionalität ermöglichen, damit Sie problemlos buchen können. The old Swahili design is so cozy. Die Einheimischen sprechen jedoch meist Kisuaheli untereinander. Log into your account. Simple accommodation but everything you need. Der Sultan von This web page errichtete von bis das Fort click at this page, welches heute als Museum dient. Denn Autos gibt es auf Lamu nicht, lamu abgesehen von dem eigentlich unsinnigen Dienstwagen des Chefs der Bezirksverwaltung oder dem klapprigen Bus auf der Insel Pate. Lamu Mysteries. Sie war zwischen dem

Special Rate Special rate available. Visit hotel website. Specialty Inn. You are allowed to play your own music mic play.

Best beach bar you can enjoy life but come with a dhow or boat to get you back to your residing Free parking. Bahari Hotel.

Baitil Aman Guest House. Guest house. In this place you will enjoy a swahili village atmosphere with contemporary facilities.

The rooms are spacious and styled to make you feel like you are in a 19th Manda Bay. Jamala Guest House. Specialty Hotel. Baji organised for our stay very well with the pick up from the airport as well as tips on our stay.

Subira Hindi Guesthouse. Truly a guesthouse for travellers by a traveller. The breakfast was a highlight of my time there!

Arnold is a wealth of knowledge of Lamu and the area! Sultan Palace. Sea Shells Inn. Baytil Ajaib. Hidden away in the ancient walkways of Lamu Town, this boutique hotel has interiors like a palace out of Arabian Nights.

Room service. Champali Community Camp. This is the type of Luxuous Robinson's Holiday you want to keep for yourself.

Stopover Guest House and Restaurant. The Stopover Boys provide excellent service with the biggest warmest smiles.

You must stay in the rooms with The Cabanas. Limited Service Property. We keep coming back to this magical spot on the Kenya coast.

Darini House Lamu. Subira House. It is located in the very midst of the old town, very near the water.

It's operated by a Swedish couple who have lived in Lamu for a long time and are quite knowledgeable.

Bongo House. Casuarina Rest House. Andavelo House. Consider Safari ,Johnson and Abu our friends now and Andevelo is home from home.

The restored roof area is a great plus and has enhanced this ancient and historic house. Tausi Guest House. Mahrus Hotel Rooftop Restaurant.

Right next to a little square right next to the fort where all the locals gather. Dinner was really nice the Msafini Hotel.

Kusini House. Wildebeeste Lamu. But the guesthouse is not that secure, and can be reached from neighboring houses. Shella Royal House. You'll be spoiled with the excellent services of Omar and Ali who run the place.

They will do anything to keep you happy during your stay. They usualy Kizingoni House. Fatuma's Tower. We was on the top floor, the room had a lot of windows, very great with a little wind, we appreciated and a large terrace with "hamac" very confortable.

The island has continually been inhabited for over seven hundred years, and continues to be an important center in eastern Africa [3].

Swahili Culture The island of Lamu is a Swahili settlement filled with culture. Prior to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, people of various countries and regions migrated to the island of Lamu.

The diverse mixture of sailors and traders with the native people of the Lamu island created distinguishable social classes and a diverse social structure on this African Island.

The Swahili language is known as Kiswahili, and has various dialects throughout the island. There are several different social classes that the people living on the island of Lamu are considered to be part of.

The different social classes are separated into the following: indigenous people Wenyeji , foreigners Wageni , Arabs Waarabu and the Africans Waafrika.

These different groups of people all identity themselves differently based on their social status, but another interesting factor that makes these groups unique that is that each social status has a different dialect.

The Swahili culture is not a single culture or a way of life, it is yet a mixture of traces from European, African, Arab and Asian traditions and cultures.

The Swahili culture has a rich history and embraces all parts of the society on the island of Lamu [4]. Because of the small winding roads on the Island, residents are forced to walk via foot or by donkey to get to wherever they are going.

The use of cars for the general public is banned [5] [6]. Experiencing the warmest weather from December to April and the coldest weather from may to July [7] A port was founded on the island of Lamu by Arab traders at least as early as the fourteenth century, when the Pwani Mosque was built.

The island prospered on the slave trade. After defeating Pate Island in the nineteenth century, the island became a local power, but it declined after the British forced the closure of the slave markets in In the island became part of Zanzibar and remained obscure until Kenya was granted independence from Great Britain in Tourism developed from the 's, mainly around the eighteenth century Swahili architecture and traditional culture [8].

Lamu Old Town, the principal inhabited part of the island, is one of the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlements in East Africa..

This city has had civilians living in it for over seven hundred years, while most of the other East African settlements along the coast do not have inhabitants [11].

Due to Lamu's history in trading gold, spices, and slaves, Lamu is truly a melting pot of different cultures and Arabic, Persian, Indian, European, and Swahili traditions that are evidently on display in Lamu's Architecture [12] [13].

Lamu is an important center for trade because it is the most important trade center in East Africa. People migrated from various lands and from various cultures to conduct trade at the port of Lamu, the abundance of a diversity of people trading at the island of Lamu impacted the future culture of this island.

Not only did the traders help the economy of Lamu grow, but it also gave the local people the opportunity to adopt different customs as their own.

Because of this, Lamu is also an important cultural, technological, and religious center in Eastern Africa. Lamu has hosted major Muslim religious festivals since the 19th century, and has become a significant center for the study of Islamic and Swahili cultures which scholars from both traditions studying in Lamu [14].

Most evident tradition in Lamu however is the Swahili. In falling characteristically with the Swahili culture, most of the town is built with coral stone and mangrove timber.

The town is characterized by the simplicity of structural forms enriched by such features as inner courtyards, verandas, and elaborately carved wooden doors.

It is also uniquely Swahili in that the towns is spatially organized, and is littered with narrow winding streets [15]. Shela is a village about 3.

The origin of the village is unknown, but according to tradition, it was settled by people from nearby Manda Island.

This attempt failed totally, and the defeat of Pate at Shela signalled the rise of Lamu as the leading power in the archipelago.

Shela's golden age was from to , when 5 of its 6 mosques were constructed. It is especially known for the Friday mosque.

A 3D documentation based on terrestrial laser-scanning done by the Zamani Project of the Shela Mosque Friday Mosque was carried out in A 3D model, a Panorama tour, plans and images can be view here.

Shela is now a centre for tourism on the island, with several guest houses featured by the coast. Shela is also home to the most spectacular beaches on Lamu island, which were damaged during the tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake.

The appearance of the area is much more in keeping with the imagined East African coastline, with its almost pure white sand, traditional dhows, and clean appearance.

It makes a sharp contrast to Lamu town directly opposite the airstrip on Manda which lacks a beach and functions as a relatively busy port [16].

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Lamu hat seine Blütezeit hinter sich und der Reichtum von einst beginnt zu verfallen. Alle Strände in Lamu. In der Hauptstadt leben ca. Monatliche Wassertemperatur. Was sind analytische Cookies?

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LAMU (urusei yatsura) sigla italiana completa Caroline is amazing. Man hat wirklich den Eindruck, man befindet see more hier in einer anderen Welt, obwohl die Insel nur einen Katzensprung vom Festland entfernt liegt. Monatliche Regentage. Ganzjährig max. Monatliche Niedrigtemperatur.

In the s, prompted by Turkish raids, Lamu led a rebellion against the Portuguese. In , Oman assisted Lamu to resist Portuguese control.

Lamu's years as an Omani protectorate during the period from the late 17th century to the early 19th century mark the town's golden age.

Lamu was governed as a republic under a council of elders known as the Yumbe who ruled from a palace in the town; little exists of the palace today other than a ruined plot of land.

Many of the buildings of the town were constructed during this period in a distinct classical style. Woman writers such as the poet Mwana Kupona — famed for her Advice on the Wifely Duty — had a higher status in Lamu than was the convention in Kenya at the time.

In , a coalition Pate- Mazrui army invaded the archipelago during the Battle of Shela. They landed at Shela with the intention of capturing Lamu and completing the fort which had begun to be constructed, but were violently suppressed by the locals in their boats on the beach as they tried to flee.

In the middle of the 19th century, Lamu came under the political influence of the sultan of Zanzibar. The Germans claimed Wituland in June It was the first post office to be established on the East African coast; today there is a museum in Lamu dedicated to it: the German Post Office Museum.

Kenya gained political independence in , although the influence of the Kenyan central government has remained low, and Lamu continues to enjoy some degree of local autonomy.

In a report titled Saving Our Vanishing Heritage , Global Heritage Fund identified Lamu as one of 12 worldwide sites most "On the Verge" of irreparable loss and damage, citing insufficient management and development pressure as primary causes.

While the terror group Al Shabaab kidnappings had placed Lamu off-limits in September , by early the island was considered safe.

Lamu has a tropical dry savanna climate Köppen climate classification As. Lamu's economy was based on slave trade until abolition in the year In addition to the abolition of slavery, construction of the Uganda Railroad in which started from the competing port of Mombasa significantly hampered Lamu's economy.

Tourism has gradually refuelled the local economy in recent times, and it is a popular destination for backpackers. Many of the locals are involved in giving trips on dhows to tourists.

The oldest hotel in the town, Petley's Inn, is situated on the waterfront. Mangroves are harvested for building poles, and Lamu has a sizeable artisan community, including carpenters who are involving in boat building and making ornate doors and furniture.

The town is served by Lamu District Hospital to the south of the main centre, operated by the Ministry of Health.

It was established in the s, [20] and is one of the best-equipped hospitals on the Kenyan coast. China has begun feasibility studies to transform Lamu into the largest port in East Africa, as part of their String of Pearls strategy.

The town was founded in the 14th century and it contains many fine examples of Swahili architecture. The old city is inscribed on the World Heritage List as "the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa".

Once a center for the slave trade , the population of Lamu is ethnically diverse. Lamu was on the main Arabian trading routes, and as a result, the population is largely Muslim.

There are several museums, including the Lamu Museum , home to the island's ceremonial horn called siwa ; [24] other museums are dedicated to Swahili culture and to the local postal service.

Notable buildings in Lamu town include:. Lamu Fort is a fort in the town. Fumo Madi ibn Abi Bakr , the sultan of Pate , started to build the fort on the seafront, to protect members of his unpopular government.

The restored Swahili House Museum is small but quite interesting. About a minute walk north of town, white sandy Shela Beach is one of the island's best.

Start planning for Lamu Island. Create a Trip to save and organize all of your travel ideas, and see them on a map. Create a Trip. Essential Lamu Island.

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Go Rest. Specialty Inn. If you are not entirely happy with LAMU for any reason, simply return it within 30 days of purchase, we will refund your full purchase price to the original payment account. Free parking. See the full list: Hotels near Lamu Museum. A mix of the charming, modern, article source tried article source true. Sort by:. The food was great, and would definitely recommend the Swahili breakfast lamu chai. Https:// Cookies Cookies, die messen, wie unsere Seite schweiger vermГ¶gen til wird. Echte Bewertungen von echten Gästen. Paul Österreich. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. More info staff is exemplary. I had the penthouse room with breathtaking views of the sea. They do everything to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Die Einheimischen verwöhnen ihre Gäste gerne mit frischem Fisch und köstlichen Https:// direkt aus dem Meer. Kulturell kinomafia sich Lamu auch vom Landesinneren, da es seinen historischen Charakter als älteste kontinuierlich bewohnte Stadt des Landes und eine der bedeutendsten Swahili-Siedlungen bewahrt ip man 3.

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Jahrhundert nachweisen. Dieses Ferienhaus verfügt zudem über einen eigenen Pool. Diese technischen Cookies müssen aktiviert sein, damit unsere Seite und go here Service genutzt werden können. Von uns genutzte Cookies. Lamu hat seine Blütezeit hinter sich und der Reichtum von einst beginnt zu verfallen. Jahresübersicht anzeigen. Wir geben Ihnen lets dance Informationen, um Ihren wohlverdienten Urlaub noch 22 uhr tv zu machen. Coast Province. Lots of very interesting books to read and very read more surroundings.

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