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Neues AngebotJohn Wick: Kapitel 2 - Bluray-Disc. EUR 7, 0 Gebote. EUR 2,​90 Versand. Endet am Donnerstag, MEZ2T. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»John Wick: Kapitel 2 (4K Ultra HD) (+ Blu-ray)«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! john wick 2 blu-ray steelbook. Über Blu-ray Filme bei Thalia ✓»John Wick: Kapitel 2 (4K Ultra HD) (+ Blu-ray)«und weitere Blu-ray Filme jetzt online bestellen! Neues AngebotJohn Wick: Kapitel 2 - Bluray-Disc. EUR 7, 0 Gebote. EUR 2,​90 Versand. Endet am Donnerstag, MEZ2T. Preisvergleich für John Wick: Kapitel 2 (Blu-ray) ✓ Bewertungen ✓ Produktinfo ⇒ Genre: Action/Abenteuer • Erscheinungsjahr: • Originaltitel: John Wick. Die Blu-ray Disc John Wick: Kapitel 2 (Blu-ray) jetzt für 11,99 Euro kaufen. john wick 2 blu-ray steelbook. John Wick: Kapitel 3 Blu-ray. News zum Film Alle Anzeigen. Https:// Wick: Kapitel 2 [Blu-ray]. Box Set. Jetzt bei eBay kaufen. Chad Stahelski. Produktbeschreibung John Wick ist ein weiteres 3 quantico season dazu gezwungen, aus seinem Ruhestand zurückzukehren: Ein ehemaliger Kollege wurde damit beauftragt, die Kontrolle über eine mysteriöse, international visit web page Organisation von Auftragskillern zu erlangen.

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John Wick (2014) - Red Circle Club Scene - 1080p Blu-Ray 60 Fps

Like its predecessor, John Wick: Chapter 2 is a return to the basics, a throwback of sorts to old-fashioned action movies without feeling retro or as if intentionally being nostalgic.

Stahelski and editor Evan Schiff allowed viewers to actually be mesmerized by the carefully choreographed fights, to grasp that the actors and stuntpersons worked really hard at accomplishing much of what we see on screen and not disguised in the flashy, dizzying, rapid-fire editing of late.

One my favorite yet deceptively simple sequences are those with the tattooed switchboard operators where the ladies work in antiquated fashion.

In this mythological underground crime world, there is a continued, sentimental value in doing things the old-fashioned way while still taking advantage of new, digital machines.

There is something more organic and fulfilling of the old-school methods for communication while not denying the usefulness of modern technologies, such as the final fight sequence being an allusion to Orson Welles's The Lady from Shanghai.

Along with the lush, beautifully hypnotic cinematography of Dan Laustsen to make the violence ironically spellbinding, the real success of this neo-noir series is in its desire to mix the past with the new in cleverly innovative ways.

Inside a blue, eco-cutout case with a glossy slipcover, a Region A locked, BD50 disc sits comfortably opposite a DVD copy of the movie.

After several skippable previews, the disc goes straight to an animated menu with John Wick looking like a graphic novel character and music.

Shot digitally, the freshly-minted transfer arrives with exceptional clarity and definition of the most minute detail.

From the individual bricks of the buildings in New York or the catacombs ruins to every hair and fiber in the costumes, the entire video is consistently razor-sharp from start to finish.

The faces of cast members reveal the tiniest pore, scratch and wrinkle, which comes especially handy during the many closeups of out antihero to show every nick and wound he endures.

Contrast is pitch-perfect with crisp, brilliant whites throughout, allowing for outstanding visibility in the distance while making every clean shirt, immaculate wall and light source pop before being splattered with blood.

Black levels are equally rich and luxurious with dark, penetrating shadows that don't engulf the finer details while still showing excellent gradational differences.

Dan Laustsen's heavily-stylized, neo-noir photography benefits the most, as the richly-saturated neon lights glow with energy and vividly bold primaries shower the most intense fervent action pieces with passionately intense reds and harshly fierce blues.

The whole presentation is simply gorgeous to watch, and fans will absolutely love it. Similar to its HD predecessor, the emotionally-driven assassin revisits his ghosts with a similarly subtle and aggressive Dolby Atmos soundtrack sure to leave the house tired and weary in the end.

Immediately in the opening moments, the design erupts with the muffled, throaty growls of a Chevrolet Chevelle roaring through the city streets.

The entire room fills with the echoes of screeching tires as the muscle car skids across tight turns, and much of that reverberates into the ceiling channels, further pulling viewers into Mr.

Wick's focused reality. Things only get better, I mean demo-worthy better, during the two major shootouts at the catacombs and the museums.

In those incredibly immersive moments, the blasts of gunfire bounce off the walls and resonate into every speaker, generating an awesomely satisfying soundfield that fully immerses the listener into the action.

Meanwhile, bullets ricochet off walls and debris flies into the sides and rears. Quieter scenes are not quite as active or immersive, but the occasional ambient effect is subtly heard to keep things from falling into complete silence.

Most of the object-based mix crowds the front soundstage with lots of background activity. Whether it's the endless commotion of city traffic, the loud cheers of spectators at a concert or Wick walking around the rubble of his house, imaging continuously feels spacious and broad as a variety of noise litters and moves convincingly between all the three channels.

A very dynamic mid-range exhibits extraordinary detailing in the loudest, most tumultuous segments, delivering exceptional clarity in every crunch of metal on metal and in every gunshot fired.

In fact, tiny bits of glass shower everywhere with crystalline directionality, cars grind against one another with ear-piercing precision, and debris from bullets ricocheting off walls and statues land on the floor with incredible realism.

Amid all the mayhem, dialogue remains distinct and intelligible. Meanwhile, a commanding low-end digs deep with authority on several occasions, providing action sequences with a powerful palpability and a room-energizing oomph in the music.

Audio Commentary : Director Chad Stahelski is joined by star Keanu Reeves where the two men talk extensively about the production and sharing various memories from the set.

Although much of the conversation is scene specific with several pockets of silence, there is much to glean from their chat.

Training John Wick HD, 12 min : Interviews discuss the rigorous and demanding training of the actors. Wick's Toolbox HD, 8 min : A closer look at the weapons with a detailed education on a few of the guns.

A Museum Tour with Sir Jonathan Wick HD, 2 min : A somewhat comical guided tour through some of the rooms of the museum spliced with violent scenes from the movie.

Deleted Scenes HD, 8 min :. The Cleaner. The Vatican. Trailers HD. Staying true to the title's connotations, John Wick: Chapter 2 picks up soon after the events of the first movie, forcing our titular antihero back into the criminal underworld he wanted to leave behind.

Expanding on the mythology and lore established in the previous film, John Wick's battle against the ghosts of his past delivers a straightforward, old-fashioned actioner, but can also be enjoyed as a poignant tale of self-discovery and absolution.

The Blu-ray arrives with a reference quality audio and video presentation that'll leave the house exhausted from the beautifully choreographed action.

A mild collection of supplements are informative though still a bit wanting. Principal photography began on October 26, , in New York City.

The film premiered in Los Angeles on January 30, , and was theatrically released in the United States on February 10, It was acclaimed by critics, with praise for the action sequences, direction, editing, visual style and the performances of the cast, particularly Reeves.

Former assassin John Wick retrieves his stolen Mustang car from a chop shop owned by Abram Tarasov, brother of Viggo and uncle of Iosef.

John dispatches Tarasov's men in a violent rampage that heavily damages the Mustang but spares Tarasov under the auspices of peace and returns home, later cementing his weapons into the ground once again.

After chop-shop owner Aurelio takes John's Mustang in for repairs, John is visited by Italian crime lord Santino D'Antonio, who reminds him that he was the one who helped John in his "impossible task," which allowed John to retire and marry Helen.

In return, Santino swore John to a "marker," an unbreakable promise symbolized by a "blood oath" medallion.

Santino presents the medallion to demand services from John, who declines, claiming that he is retired. Santino then burns John's house down.

Winston, the owner of the hotel, reminds John that if he rejects the marker, he will be violating one of the two unbreakable rules of the underworld: no blood on Continental grounds, and every marker must be honored.

John reluctantly accepts his commitment and meets with Santino, who tasks him with assassinating his sister Gianna so he can claim her seat at the "High Table," a council of twelve high-level crime lords.

Santino sends Ares, his mute personal bodyguard, to oversee John. In Rome , John infiltrates Gianna's coronation party and confronts her in her dressing room.

Faced with certain death, Gianna chooses to take her own life by slitting her wrists. When Gianna dies from blood loss, he shoots her in the head to complete the marker.

On his way out, Cassian, Gianna's bodyguard, recognizes John and, upon realizing that John was sent to kill Gianna, attacks him.

John escapes to the catacombs, where he is ambushed by Ares and Santino's henchmen, who intend to "tie up loose ends" by killing him.

After killing most of the henchmen, John is pursued by Cassian. Their intense battle is halted when they crash into the reception area of the Rome Continental, which — like the New York Continental — prohibits any "business" on its grounds.

As the two share a drink, John explains why he had to kill Gianna. Nevertheless, Cassian vows revenge for Gianna's death, promising to kill him quickly as a sign of professional respect.

Eventually, Cassian confronts John in the subway. John wins the fight and mortally wounds Cassian, but leaves him alive out of professional respect.

Injured and desperate, John seeks help from an underground crime lord known as the Bowery King, whose subordinates treat John's injuries and guide him to an art museum where Santino is holding a gala.

John dispatches Santino's henchmen and chases Santino through a mirror exhibit in the museum, where he kills the rest of Santino's men and kills Ares in a final fight.

He pursues Santino, who flees to the Continental, where he smugly makes it clear that he intends to remain indefinitely in its sanctuary.

Despite Winston's warnings, John shoots and kills Santino in the Continental lounge. The next day, Winston sends for John and explains that, per the High Table, the contract on John has been doubled and offered globally.

As a consequence of killing Santino on Continental grounds, Winston declares John " excommunicado ," losing all access and privileges to the underworld resources.

However, Winston delays announcing John's excommunication and global bounty by one hour to give him a head start and provides him with a marker for future use.

Before leaving, John advises Winston to make it known that whoever tries to come after him will be killed. John walks away with his dog as Winston makes a call, announcing John's excommunicado, to be active in one hour.

As the contract is activated world wide, John looks at many people around him as their phones go off, indicating John doesn't know who is an assassin and who isn't.

He starts to run with his dog in an attempt to disappear in the time he has. Additionally, it was reported that Kolstad would return to write the screenplay.

Reeves and Stahelski appeared in a minute Aol. It was announced that Keanu Reeves , Leitch, and Stahelski would return, with filming set to begin in late Studios shots were in New Jersey.

Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard returned to write and compose the film's soundtrack. Australia was one of the last major countries to receive the film, with a release on May The website's critical consensus reads, " John Wick: Chapter 2 does what a sequel should—which in this case means doubling down on the non-stop, thrillingly choreographed action that made its predecessor so much fun.

Scott Tobias of Uproxx said the film improved upon the original, writing: "For better or worse—though mostly for better—it's a full-scale assault on the senses, constantly pushing itself to greater feats of excess.

At this rate, a third John Wick might trigger the apocalypse". Writing for Time magazine in February Stephanie Zacharek stated: "The pleasures of John Wick: Chapter 2 may be even greater than those of its predecessor—itself a symphonic achievement in scrappy, balls-out, action filmmaking—because in this one, there's no puppy murder to endure John Wick: Chapter 2 asks the classic pulp question—Are human beings worth saving?

Colbert writing for Screen Rant saw secret societies as a significant motif in the film. In his article "The World of John Wick Explained", Colbert stated: " John Wick introduced audiences to a dark, polished and sharply dressed, underground criminal society full of assassins who mostly abide by an unspoken code of conduct and two explicit rules.

While the first movie told a more intimate story that only hinted at the larger world of this secret society, John Wick: Chapter Two takes the titular character through several of the corners of this complex underworld, revealing even more about the world of John Wick.

While very few of these customs are explicitly explained, there are still enough hints about the inner functionings of the various entities presented, giving us enough puzzle pieces to put together a loose sketch of this mysterious world of assassins".

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky of The A. Club wrote that it "lacks the first film's domino-effect momentum". In part, he praised the action scenes as "entertainingly surreal".

In October , Stahelski stated that a third film, titled John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum , is in the works [45] and in June it was reported that Kolstad will return to write the screenplay.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Basil Iwanyk Erica Lee. Tyler Bates Joel J. Main article: John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum.

British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved January 27, Deadline Hollywood.

Farben NEU. Produktbeschreibung John Wick ist ein weiteres Mal dazu gezwungen, aus seinem Ruhestand zurückzukehren: Ein ehemaliger Kollege wurde damit beauftragt, die Kontrolle über concussion streamcloud mysteriöse, international operation dunkirk 2019 Organisation von Auftragskillern zu erlangen. Standard Edition. The Informer EUR 14, Dating Queen. Teil Brutaler Veröffentlichungsdatum: Ohne aktives Javascript kann es zu Problemen bei der Darstellung kommen. Das könnte Sie read article interessieren. Concorde Home Entertainment. Der Mann. Kinofassung dt. Auf Lager. Bezugsart alle Angebote. Produkt: John Wick: Kapitel 2 Blu-ray. Die Handlung ist doch sehr an den Haaren herbeigezogen, nur um mit unzähligen Kampfgegnern salma hayek ass teils ballerspielartigen Prügeleien aufzuwarten. john wick 2 blu ray

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