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Feindkontakt () Samira Vaziri. Show all 22 episodes. The Girlfriend Experience (TV Series) Darya Esford / Darya Eshford. - Making Amends (). Filmstarts Erst vor Kurzem hat Steven Soderbergh seine Filme "The Informant" und "The Girlfriend Experience" fertig gestellt da stürzt sich der. Directed by Magnus Meyer Arnesen. With Preben Hodneland, Marius Aandal Pedersen, Alexandra Gjerpen, Vidar Sandem. Follows the unconventional. comedy focuses on a man, who suffers hell on earth after accidentally hitting his girlfriend. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your​. With Kristina Schmidt, Alicia Endemann, Daniel Wilken, Franziska Alber. After mysterious things happen in the boarding school Haus Anubis, eight teenagers.

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Never Too Late for Justice. (TV Series ). Samira Vaziri (22 episodes, ). The Girlfriend Experience. (TV Series ). Darya Esford / Darya. Get More From IMDb. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Comedy | Drama. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. Andi and Benno are terminally ill, but before it comes to an end for both, they want to experience the greatest day. Parisius Susan Hoecke Edith Martens 4 episodes, Maja Katharina Schüttler Https:// Marius Aandal Pedersen I love the German series Das Haus Anubis. Lykke claims Jamie's death Yes No Report. To be a part of them he has to do something dangerous. Rate This. Company Credits. Subscribe on Spartacus cast PodcastsSimilar hentai simpson opinionand wherever you get your podcasts! External Sites.

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The Girlfriend Experience - Official Trailer Directed by STEVEN SODERBERGH Anna Richter Klaus Knoesel Parents Guide. Trailers and Videos. Comedy Drama Family. Technical Heute tv.

It is a program with a character trying to be what she wants and what society makes of it all. You leave this with the conclusion that her life is her own and whatever she decides to do, it is what she has to answer to whether it satisfies her pleasures or not.

She is learning that it is not her own closed little world to manipulate, to live in without preconceptions and judgments by her clients, the social internet, by her peers -- and by us, the viewer.

About the only thing duller and less interesting then the program are the sets. The political "story" is a total flop.

Boring from the very start. Not sure what the director is try to do with the no furniture, no pictures or anything else on the wall, white everything and somewhat attractive girls running around with no makeup.

Maybe the director is trying to match the flat people and sets with the flat plot. Hey it worked.

About 3 shows and it just never got any better so I quit. Big waist of television air time. Why this show hasn't been cancelled is a mystery.

I was first intrigued by 1st few episodes of season 1, yet annoyed by the emphasis played over sex scenes.

One or twice ok but after this it becomes tedious. The story moving in the background starts ok but never develops.

It is as if sex scenes were the series main motivation. Season 2 is awful. I lasted 3 episodes. Sex sex and sex is dominant and not even artistically presented.

I could be hilarious if yawning was not constant. Total waste of time a movie industry resources. At first I thought this may be too much about sex and a gorgeous new actress.

Which is great, I don't have a problem with sex of coarse I just get bored watching others do it. It is much more than that.

There is intrigue, a great story line, and really great performances. I know the story has been done before I just feel like the direction was spot on, as well as the fantastic group of actors.

I am watching the 1st season in 2 days almost done finishing tonight and I could not wait until I had more answers about this young woman.

I was very curious about her story. She is complex and driven. Riley Keough is a young, but very talented and beautiful actress. I am hooked!

I can't wait for season two. They announced this as: sexy, intriguing, dark experience.. I am not sure was it intentional or the actors did bad job but god there is no single emotion this series can extract from you beside total boredom and sleepiness.

Girl should portrait independent strong woman that loves sex and money, she just look like introvert frigid girl with that empty look and same face when brushing her teeth or having orgasms, no difference.

Even her reasons for doing it are not clear trough the all episodes, she just barely mentioned that her school was expensive.

I cant not to think that target group for this was just horny teens or middle aged creeps because of so much bad sex scenes with older people, but even then it would be miss because i can not imagine level of horny-ness that someone will find those scenes sexy or attractive in any way.

Why is she looking all the time like molested sex trafficking victim? Isn't she supposed to love sex?

How can we believe that all that millionaires are crazy about her and wiling to pay thousands and ruin their families to spend some more time with her?

The producer should at least pay themselves some real escort girl for night and see why they earn so much, how entertaining and sexy they must be to be in the business.

Girl in movie looks cute and sexy but on photos, in communication with people around her she looks like creep.

So again, maybe i missed the all point of movie, maybe they wanted to show us something that i can not understand at the moment, but for me this show is just boring.

So far I have watched 3 episodes. It was an alluring title which piqued my interest. So far it has been a satisfactory experience. I consider myself more of an intellectual instead of a sexual person, but I like depth in programs where I can learn something regardless of its subject matter.

There seems a sense of emptiness in the mens lives who hire the girlfriend experience, and they are looking for some form of happiness but the vibe I get is after meaningless stranger sex and having wasted a lot of money they might feel even more empty afterwards, because the experience is fake and she has many other "boyfriends".

There is another good lesson to learn, that it is unwise to trust anyone or let anyone live in your house or else they will steal the money from your drawer, it reinforces the principle in my mind that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished and Don't Trust Anybody.

I look forward to watching the succeeding episodes. Abbye-Sei 13 June Definitely one of the worst TV show. Stumbled on this show accidentally and was attracted by the title.

I am on my episode 10 and still did not understand the "gist" of the show. I failed to see any real theme or reason for Christine's decision to become an escort.

She didn't need the money, and she certainly did not enjoy the sex. Same goes with her decision to uncover her supervisor's illegal activity on the lawsuit.

Why would she do that and it seems like a very hasty decision to go to Erin right away without careful consideration, considering that she just started out as an intern in the firm for not very long.

And she is supposedly an Ivy League smart law student. Not a smart move if you ask me. This show has too much sex scenes to the point of repetitive and boring.

This high price escort sure made her money easily, she or the actress has no emotion, no charisma, not sexy or charming, not witty or funny, just a plain woman without any character.

Even the sex is boring, just bland death eyes looking into nothing, like two robots having sex for the reason to procreate not for pleasure.

And that old fool left her 50K? The woman paid her 20K to leave her husband? This all sounds so unreal if in a real world.

A millionaire would never voluntarily drag his own name and be associated with a prostitute. The acting is so bland and cold, maybe that is intentional I don't know.

Her dialogue was delivered in the most robotic like, no feelings or ups and downs I read good reviews of this series and was looking forward to watching a great thriller.

However this series was pretty awful, the story line didn't have an arch to it, and there was no definitive drama climax.

Although these points are not necessary, it would have been nice if there was more to the plot other than a series of experiences of Christine Reade as a high end escort.

The plot didn't add up to anything and didn't explain who was behind the mass video email, or what happened to some of the characters, for instance her friend who disappeared after a few episodes.

What was the point behind the drama? It didn't seem to have one other than simply showing a series of linear and unrelated experiences.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this series, as I've never seen the movie upon which it is based. But robots bathed in orange and teal having sex amidst a backdrop of homogeneously dreary Canadian concrete and glass buildings wouldn't have been my first guess.

While the show's star, Riley Keough, is attractive in a bland Kristen Stewart sort of way, I was never certain if her flat affect was intentional or if she simply doesn't know how to act.

And while other characters kept mentioning her intelligence, wit and charm, the show never seemed inclined to show the audience any of these characteristics.

If I had known 20 years ago that being a high-end escort required this little charisma, I might have tried the profession myself!

Mildly entertaining if you enjoy viewing bland sex through a hazy, frosted lens. My review is a 5 because of the excessive sex.

It gets boring except for voyeurs. Overall, the world view of Christine and her "associates" seems to be right on.

She lives in and creates a world that is as passion free as can be. The director underscores this by the sterile environments in which the characters live i.

The "girlfriend experience" leaves the buyers emptier for the "experience. The Riley Keogh character ultimately seems non-human, especially after her melt down at her job.

After that, there is no humanity in her at all. Even her trip home to the only fully dimensioned characters, her parents, has to be cut short because she can't relate to real people.

The last scene of the 13 part series is most informative. The main character is shown alone, masturbating in her expensive anonymous apartment.

She has not one friend and seems to like it that way. Could any real human endure such an impoverished life? This series seems to answer that question.

Another season of this emptiness seems unimaginable. In summary The Girlfriend Experience is a compelling vision of an experience that empties rather than fulfills.

I have seen the movie in which this series is based off of. It didn't do much for me, but I was hopeful a series would perhaps elaborate and fill in the blanks where the movie was lacking.

It is so utterly boring; exhaustively so. I can't believe I made it through the whole first season. I just kept waiting.

Waiting for a story-line. Waiting for the titillation I expected. Carson Lewis 9 episodes, Trevor Hayes Dennis Masterson 8 episodes, Aidan Devine Martin Bayley 8 episodes, Drew Nelson Bria Jones 7 episodes, Anna Friel Erica Myles 7 episodes, Tunde Adebimpe Ian Olsen 7 episodes, Louisa Krause Anna Greenwald 7 episodes, Morgan Davies Kayla 7 episodes, Frances Lee McCain Sandra 7 episodes, Oliver Becker Alan Zuker 7 episodes, Michael Therriault Skip Hadderly 7 episodes, Sugith Varughese Tariq Barr 7 episodes, Emily Piggford Learn more More Like This.

The Girlfriend Experience Flesh and Bone Secret Diary of a Call Girl — Based on the popular diary of the anonymous sex worker known only as Belle de Jour.

Short Comedy. Masters of Sex — Drama Romance. Sweetbitter — A young woman learns how crazy it is to work in a restaurant.

Good Behavior — Crime Drama Mystery. Lovesong The relationship between two friends deepens during an impromptu road trip.

Top of the Lake — Girls — Comedy Drama. A comedy about the experiences of a group of girls in their early 20s.

The Affair TV Series Welcome the Stranger Drama Mystery. Edit Storyline Based on Steven Soderbergh's movie of the same title, this anthology series is set in Washington DC in the days leading up to the presidential election and centers on a high-end NYC escort, Christine Riley Keough , who offers clients "the girlfriend experience" while leading a double life as a young attorney in training.

Genres: Drama. Edit Did You Know? Both Kerrigan and Seimetz talked later about the difficulty of the experience, so it wasn't a surprise when season 2 presented a two-story structure where said stories were completely independent, each one written and directed by the directors on their own.

For season 3, however, which was greenlight a year an a half after the finale of season 2, Soderbergh seemed to have forgone the experiment approach, because he just hired Anja Marquardt to do 10 episodes.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Language: English French.

Runtime: 27 min. Sound Mix: Stereo. S2, Ep3. Erica lands her biggest donor yet; Anna and Erica's relationship intensifies; Bria expands the boundaries of the GFE to fulfill her needs.

S2, Ep4. Bria expands the boundaries of the GFE in order to fulfill her needs. S2, Ep5. Erica lands her biggest donor yet while Anna and Erica's relationship intensifies.

S2, Ep6. Bria expands the boundaries of the GFE to fulfill her needs. S2, Ep7. Erica gets a suspicious call from a representative of a secretive potential donor.

Anna subjugates herself to Erica's sexual desires and makes a startling decision to solidify their personal relationship.

S2, Ep8. With an impending trial date, Ian attempts to reign in Bria by stepping up his surveillance of her.

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Nina 5 episodes, Alicia Endemann What a Man: The young teacher Alex is abandoned by check this out girlfriend Caroline and therefore begins a journey in search of. Crazy Credits. Clear your history. Ned Bigby shares click to see more advice on how to survive middle school. Plot Summary. His charming smile veils the daily battle he fights within himself as he learn more here to manage a heroin addiction. Along with secrets. Release Dates. the girlfriend experience imdb Virgin suicides. The actors all speak with the same dead head, emotionless, droning, monotone delivery for characters who are similarly check this out head, emotionless, droning and monotone. Interviews, making-of et extraits. Should she invest in gold? And Https:// told him that I am so mad this show has been ruined. She is complex and driven. She makes it well worth watching and I look forward to her next project. Share this page:. Get More From IMDb. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. Never Too Late for Justice. (TV Series ). Samira Vaziri (22 episodes, ). The Girlfriend Experience. (TV Series ). Darya Esford / Darya. Comedy | Drama. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X. Andi and Benno are terminally ill, but before it comes to an end for both, they want to experience the greatest day. The Girlfriend Experience. IMDb 5,51 Std. 16 Min+. Cinque giorni nella vita di una escort di lusso di Manhattan (interpretata da Sasha Grey) che pensa. Amazon • IMDb Trailer zur neuen TV Serie "Girlfriend Experience" online inszenierte Steven Soderbergh mit Girlfriend Experience - Aus dem Leben​. Crazy Credits. In the spring of two Norwegian adventurers, Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland, are accused of their hired chauffeur just before crossing into the eastern Congo. But how he overcomes article source pitfalls out there for a modern man? Plot Keywords. Dimitri Papapostolou 34 episodes, Added to Watchlist. Sarah Winsbrügge-Westerling 2 episodes, Richard, actor in a daily soap opera, wants to brighten up his crisis-prone girlfriend Katja and organizes a birthday party.

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