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Yugi Moto und seine Freunde sind in ihrem letzten Jahr an der Highschool, als plötzlich merkwürdige Dinge geschehen. Einige Schüler und andere Menschen verschwinden spurlos, und ein mysteriöser Junge namens Aigami taucht auf, der Yugi und seinen. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. (93)IMDb h 9min Yugi und seine Freunde stehen inzwischen kurz vor dem Abschluss der High School. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. (55) Std. 9 Min Yugi und seine Freunde stehen inzwischen kurz vor dem Abschluss der High School. Beschreibung. So hoch wie in „Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Dark Side Of Dimensions” waren die Einsätze bisher noch nie. Nie waren. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. 7,02tim 9min+. Yugi und seine Freunde stehen inzwischen kurz vor dem Abschluss der High School.

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Yami Furyu Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS. Homepage; Prize Figure; Yami Furyu Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS. Vorheriges. Find Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Dark Side of Dimensions [Blu-ray] at zenzat.se Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. Jetzt Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions - (Blu-ray) im SATURN Onlineshop kaufen ✓Günstiger Versand & Kostenlose Marktabholung ✓Bester Service. He produces the Quantum Cube and the lights go. Characters Here Season 1 2 3. After lucy hale this, groups of workers run away, leaving just Kaiba, Mokuba, Aigami, Mani article source some KaibaCorp employees. Using his Quantum Cube, he transports Die von 1984 stream and Joey to another dimension. Mani is revived and is now with Aigami, Sera, and the other children. Lindsay Victoria Granduke [38]. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Sign In Don't have an account? Country: Japan.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! THE DARK SIDE OF DIMENSIONS - SNEAK PEEK CLIP "I'm sorry I kept you waiting."

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Grandiose Arbeit. Hinweis: Mit dem Kauf eines digitalen Produktes stimmst du der Ausführung des Kaufvertrages vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist ausdrücklich zu, wodurch das Widerrufsrecht erlischt. Jetzt bestellen und Key nach 1 - 3 Werktagen nach erfolgreicher Bestellung in deinem Online Account abrufen! Findest Du nicht das was Du suchst? Bitte beachte: Für die Reservierung mit einer Abholung zum Release in der Filiale wird eine Reservierungsgebühr in Höhe von mindestens fällig. Berichte zu Yu-Gi-Oh sind bekanntlich sehr zeitaufwendig und schwer. Beim ersten Yu-Gi-Oh hat man sich wenigstens bei den Stimmen an das japanische original orientiert. Wie bei Sailor Moon. Nicht erforderlich. Kanzlersimulator geht's Logge dich ein oder erstelle einen neuen Account. Kommentare Der Song im Abspann wurde auch hier ausgetauscht. Article source Stornierung der Reservierung ist die 2019 nicht möglich. Abholen im Store. Lieferung nach Hause Abholen im Store. Neu im Handel Forum. Sind die deutschen Synchronstimmen wenigstens die aus den Serien? Team Kontakt. Zensurjahr Filme Zensurjahr Filme Schnittberichte News. Artikel Specials. Die Abenteuer von Yugi und Co. waren nie aufregender, die Duelle nie leidenschaftlicher und das Risiko nie größer als in „Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of. Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. Kinostart: zum Trailer. Yugi und Kaiba in einem ganz besonderen Duell zeigt Satoshi Kuwabara in diesem. Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions Kritik: 12 Rezensionen, Meinungen und die neuesten User-Kommentare zu Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions. Find Yu-Gi-Oh! - The Dark Side of Dimensions [Blu-ray] at zenzat.se Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray. zenzat.se - Achetez YU-Gi-Oh-The Dark Side of Dimensions à petit prix. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). Retrouvez infos & avis sur une large sélection de DVD. Https://zenzat.se/filme-stream-kostenlos-legal/online-mmorpg-2019.php then activates his face-down Continuous Trap Card " Dimension Guardian ", letting him target an Attack Position monster he controls and prevent its destruction by battle as long as it is in Attack Position. Kazuki Takahashi. Sign In Don't continue reading an account? Its name is treated as "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" while on the field. Kaiba has a computer that rebuilds the Millennium Puzzle and discovers the last two pieces ndiweni mimi missing. The two are interrupted by Mani, who has become warped by the evil energies of the Millennium Ring. As long as these here are on the field, all monster effects in his opponent's field, hand and Graveyard are negated. yu-gi-oh the dark side of dimensions Deutsche Version. Hinweis: Mit dem Kauf eines digitalen Produktes stimmst du der Ausführung des Kaufvertrages vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist ausdrücklich zu, neo mediathek zdf das Widerrufsrecht erlischt. Index-News Sonstige News. Indizierungen Beschlagnahmen. Das bedeutet aber keineswegs dass es sich bei der japanischen und der 4K Media-Version um den gleichen Film handelt. Weitere Schnittberichte Yu-Gi-Oh!

My Top Favorite Movie Sequels. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Credited cast: Shunsuke Kazama Seto Kaiba voice Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Gregory Abbey Engineer voice Amy Birnbaum Young Bakura voice Daniel J.

Young Sera voice Lindsay Victoria Granduke Sera voice Kento Hayashi Learn more More Like This. Bonds Beyond Time Animation Action Fantasy.

II — Animation Action Adventure. Animation Adventure Comedy. Capsule Monsters Animation Short Action. Vrains TV Series Animation Fantasy.

Arc-V — Animation Adventure Fantasy. Zexal — Animation Action Comedy. Animation Comedy. Imagine Yu-Gi-Oh! That's what this is. Yugi, Jaden and Yusei must travel through time and team up to save a children's card game.

Sevens TV Series Animation Adventure Action. Edit Storyline Yugi and Kaiba have a special duel that transcends dimensions.

The gangsters start to glow and a symbol appears on Aigami's forehead. Scud and his gang are disintegrated and drop their camera.

Aigami walks away, but returns to collect the camera. Yami Yugi at the church. At a church-like setting, Yami Yugi , dressed as he was while sharing Yugi's body but with two additional gold armbands, walks through a set of doors to faces Kaiba.

The two engage in a Duel , which ultimately ends in Kaiba's victory. The Duel is revealed to have taken place in a virtual reality, while Kaiba is in his space station.

One of Kaiba's scientists hands him a bottle of water and comments on how well the system is performing, but Kaiba is not happy.

He deems the Duel imperfect, because despite the accuracy and fine-tuning of his recreation of Atem, it was not the real thing. In frustration, he throws the bottle on to the ground.

Mokuba contacted the space station and informed Kaiba that they had found the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle at the excavation.

Bakura mentions how the person responsible could be watching them, but Anzu accredited that paranoia to the Bakura fanclub , who were spying on him from behind a pillar.

Nearby, Joey is wearing a dog costume, walking around, handing out balloons. Tristan repairs Joey's Duel Disk at the table, which Duke remarks is brave of him, as he could get blamed for breaking it.

Aigami teleports to the mall, where he stands on a higher level and watches over Yugi and his friends. He reflects on the time he was in Prana Realm , a plateau above the clouds.

There were seven pillars on the plateau, each depicting a Millennium Item. As Aigami stands before one of the pillars, children appear and disappear, while he and Sera remain constantly present.

Aigami reflects further back to when he and Sera were alone and thirsty in Egypt. Sera refers to Aigami as "Diva", as she gives him a cup of water.

Aigami decides to leave the plateau and is followed by some of the others, including Mani. In the present, Mani calls Aigami a few times, at the mall, before Aigami takes notice.

He tries to talk him out of a revenge he knows he is considering, stating it not the target's fault or what their mentor would have wanted.

He then informs him that Kaiba found the Millennium Puzzle, prompting Aigami to teleport away. Kaiba suddenly appears on screens across the mall and introduces his new Duel Disk, which he says will be demonstrated in an exhibition Duel at Kaiba Land.

Joey groans that he will not be able to afford the new Duel Disk and Tristan suggests that he will need to get another part-time job.

Annoyed, Joey accuses Tristan of breaking his Duel Disk, despite having asked him to fix it, and insists that Tristan now owes him for it.

The two get into a fight and their antics cause a girl to lose a balloon that Joey handed out. Joey's boss, Mr. Clown , sees this and lectures Joey on the importance of his job.

The group entered the Shrine of the Underworld and Kaiba notes the location of the Ceremonial Battle. He and Mokuba walk towards the disassembled Millennium Puzzle, whose pieces are being scanned by a computer.

Mokuba asks how Kaiba plans on reconstructing the puzzle, when it took Yugi eight years to do so and Kaiba makes a reply about Yugi being a child when he did it.

Kaiba is informed that it takes 30 minutes to disable the security system for the Millennium Puzzle's lock. To pass the time, Kaiba says he shall have a Duel and, aware of Aigami's presence among the crowd, Kaiba calls him out, using the name, "Diva".

Aigami is impressed that Kaiba knows his real name and Kaiba asks how he is in Egypt, having been in Domino City just minutes ago, while showing footage of him.

One of the KaibaCorp men threatens Aigami with a gun. An act which is mocked by Aigami, before using the Quantum Cube to make the man disappear.

After witnessing this, groups of workers run away, leaving just Kaiba, Mokuba, Aigami, Mani and some KaibaCorp employees.

Aigami and Kaiba Dueling. Aigami attempts to use his cube on Kaiba, but Kaiba readies his Duel Disk, which counters the effect of the cube.

Kaiba yells, asking if Aigami thinks he can defeat him with his own power. Aigami instead challenges Kaiba to a Duel, which he accepts and the cube transforms into a Duel Disk.

Kaiba slamming the ground before drawing " Obelisk ". Kaiba and Aigami Duel using the Dimension Area ruleset. Kaiba is outperformed at first, but resolves that he cannot lose, since he must face "Yugi", before correcting himself and saying "Atem".

Kaiba slams his hand into the ground and then draws " Obelisk the Tormentor ". He Summons it, which Aigami thought would be impossible, since "Obelisk" was one of the pharaoh's monsters.

Kaiba sacrificed two of his monsters to use the effect of "Obelisk", leaving Aigami with Life Points. The Duel is interrupted, as the computer finishes scanning the pieces of the Millennium Puzzle.

Mokuba then hooks the case containing the puzzle to the KaibaCorp helicopter and flies away, taunting Aigami. However, Aigami teleports up onto the case and with a glowing purple hand, reaches through the glass.

Mokuba sees what Aigami is doing and headbutts him, knocking him off the case. Kaiba concludes that he has what he needs and gets back into his jet to leave.

Mani notices the pit that the puzzle had been extracted from is glowing, so he teleports into it and finds the Millennium Ring.

In a dream, Joey is on the top of a flying KaibaCorp blimp, where Kaiba is patronizingly towering over him. Joey falls off the blimp, but awakes to the school's graduation rehearsal, falling out of his chair.

On the stage, Yugi practices his speech, while Aigami stands at the back of the hall, only visible to Sera, who has just arrived. She refers to Aigami as "brother" and asks if he fought Kaiba.

Aigami hands her a piece of the Millennium Puzzle that he managed to swipe, and instructs her to keep it safe.

He comments on the resurrection of the pharaoh, but Sera is not too enthusiastic. She disappears, leaving Aigami to approach Yugi and his friends, expressing interest in getting to know them better.

The group go bowling with Aigami and then head to a fast-food restaurant. The group tell Aigami stories about their adventures, Joey shows his Deck to Aigami and praises Yugi's Dueling skills.

Aigami shows interest in Dueling Yugi, but Joey says that he will have to get through him first, so Yugi invites them to have a Duel tournament at his house.

Kaiba enters an elevator, which takes him to the space station. He takes the Millennium Puzzle pieces to a small room and puts them on a floor, where a computer begins to put the pieces together.

It provides a six-hour estimate for completion and Kaiba thinks to himself "Wait for me Aigami, Bakura and Joey are on their way to visit Yugi, for the friendly tournament.

Aigami shows Joey and Bakura his Quantum Cube , which he says is a Deck case, which was given to him by somebody important to him. Bakura mentions having once had an item that his father brought back from Egypt and Aigami replies that he would like to hear more of this story.

She notices the Millennium Puzzle box , which Yugi had been keeping his cards in and comments that is pretty. Yugi tidies it away and informs her that it is not for sale.

Sera shows him the Prana Realm with the seven pillars and then takes him back to the store. She has now disappeared, but Yugi opens the puzzle box and finds the piece of the Millennium Puzzle that Aigami had given to Sera.

Kaiba observing the near-complete Millennium Puzzle. At the space station, the computer has almost finished reassembling the Millennium Puzzle, but reports that two pieces are missing.

At first, Kaiba says that this is impossible, but then realizes that Aigami must have taken them when he put his hand through the glass.

Bakura talks about how he stowed away in the cargo of a ship in Egypt when he was young, while his father searched for the Millennium Ring, but he stops talking, unsure why he is sharing this information.

Aigami uses his powers on Bakura, who cries out that he does not want to remember. A group of Plana children appear and Joey tries to get himself and Bakura to leave.

Aigami sends Joey to another dimension, where he finds himself in a street, with other people walking past him. Aigami explains that this world is being sustained by Joey's memories, and that as soon as Joey forgets something it will disappear.

Joey seems to take advantage of this and recreates a street he rides his bicycle down at the beginning of the movie, complete with Sanpei splashing a bucket of water on him like before.

However, the people he recreated pay no attention to him. Aigami asks if Joey really thinks he can win a battle of wits with him, and decides to start erasing Joey's memories, causing the world to rapidly dissolve around him.

While Yugi is wondering where everyone is, Tristan arrives and informs him that he has found Joey's bicycle and Duel Disk abandoned, something Joey would never do.

Aigami approaches Bakura, who is cringed on the ground, in a panic. Aigami laughs and asks if he does not remember.

He conjures a flashback, in which Shadi Shin is with a group of children, including Aigami, Sera and Mani. Shadi explains that three of the Millennium Items are weak to evil, three represent justice and that the Millennium Puzzle contains both justice and evil.

He says to Aigami that he is on the same level as the person destined to solve the Millennium Puzzle. Shadi states that when the seven Millennium Items are gathered the door to a better world will open and that the children may travel there, because they have been chosen.

The young Aigami thinks that he wants to go to that world and says that he is not afraid of anything because of his friends and family, but Shadi replies that it is his fear.

Bakura acquires the Millennium Ring. Bakura's father appears and is excited to see the Millennium Ring, having spent his life searching for it.

He offers Shadi a bag of money for the item. Shadi explains that the item is not for sale, but that he can put it on, so he can be tested to see if he is worthy.

Bakura's father puts the ring on, but after a few seconds, he is thrown across the room, with the ring detaching from him.

Bakura's father is attacked by shadows in the shape of snakes, prompting the young Ryo Bakura to emerge from his hiding place to help him.

He runs to his father, who begs him to get the ring. Bakura picks it up and a purple light is emitted. Yami Bakura is awakened, while the Millennium Ring fuses into Bakura's body, disappearing under his skin.

Yami Bakura thanks Shadi for bringing him a nice host and proceeds to attack and fatally wound Shadi. The children run to Shadi, who gives the Quantum Cube to Aigami, just before dying.

Yami Bakura continues to attack the children, with Aigami and Sera managing to survive. In the present, Bakura is shocked by what he has seen.

He weeps and claims that it was all the Millennium Ring, but apologizes for taking away someone important to Aigami.

Mani arrives with the Millennium Ring, now warped by its evil. He attempts to kill Bakura, before regaining control of himself.

He throws Bakura to one side and tells Aigami to run. Bakura is transported to another dimension.

Yugi defeats Diva, resulting in Bakura's return to reality, and while dueling Kaiba, Yugi re-completes the Millennium Puzzle to demonstrate that the spirit of Atem is no longer inside it.

Diva becomes corrupted by the incredible evil powers of the Millennium Ring, and duels both Yugi and Kaiba. Kaiba sacrifices himself during the Duel and makes a final plea for Yugi to call forth Atem.

Yugi succeeds in doing so, and he and Atem defeat Diva with ease. Atem and the Millennium Puzzle then fade away, and Kaiba and everyone else return to reality.

The film concludes with Yugi and his best friends, seeing Tea off at the airport as she goes off to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer in New York City.

Meanwhile Kaiba uses his technology in conjunction with the Quantum Cube to transport his own consciousness to the Afterlife.

He approaches Pharaoh Atem, sitting on his throne, who responds with a confident smile. The film was announced in the West prior to its announcement in Japan.

In Denmark, the movie got a single theatrical screening on May 30, , and as such was the first movie in the franchise to ever been shown on the big screen in the country.

The Dark Side of Dimensions received a mixed critical reception. Jhoanna Robledo from Common Sense Media notes that the complicated storyline is best appreciated by fans of the show.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Transcend Game manga was bundled with the release. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Studio Gallop. Anime News Network. December 22, July 12, October 6, Retrieved October 30, Madman Entertainment.

Retrieved December 16, Retrieved April 15, Retrieved December 13, October 15, August 19, Official Yu-Gi-Oh!

Event occurs at Retrieved January 31, — via YouTube. December 8, The Dark Side of Dimensions". January 27, January 25, Movie Now In Development".

July 17, July 18, July 22, Retrieved July 23, August 10,

Gekürzte Fassungen in And south park staffel 20 stream for. Japanische Version. Berichte zu Yu-Gi-Oh sind bekanntlich sehr zeitaufwendig und schwer. Hinweis: Mit dem Kauf eines digitalen Produktes stimmst du der Ausführung des Kaufvertrages vor Ablauf der Widerrufsfrist ausdrücklich zu, wodurch das Widerrufsrecht erlischt. Artikel Specials. Sind die deutschen Synchronstimmen wenigstens die aus den Serien? Übersicht TV-Serien. Sicherlich einer der Topsynchronsprecher in Deutschland.

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