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Young Sheldon im Stream: Wir haben für euch die neuen Folgen von Staffel 3 der TV-Serie - Ganze Folgen kostenlos ✓ Die neuesten Previews ✓ Alle News. Terminplaner für alle ProSieben-Sendetermine im Fernsehen: · Di 00​ – – 32 Scherze, Fahrstunden und. Young Sheldon“ ist für ProSieben ein echter Quotenkracher! Aber wie kommt der „The Big Bang Theory“-Ableger wirklich bei den Fans. Die Serie "Young Sheldon" erzählt von der Kindheit des Sheldon Cooper, der in der Mutter-Serie "The Big Bang Theory" von Jim Parsons gespielt wird. Die dritte Staffel „Young Sheldon“ ist auch heute im TV zu sehen, nur eben etwas später.

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Young Sheldon ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie von Chuck Lorre und Steven Molaro, September wurde die Ausstrahlung des Rests der Staffel bei ProSieben mit der Episode fortgesetzt. 3+ strahlte ab dem September​. Young Sheldon Staffel 3: Sendetermin auf ProSieben. Fans von The Big Bang Theory dürfen sich auf Nachschlag der Ableger-Serie Young. Aktuelle Nachrichten: ✓ Prime Nerd: "Young Sheldon" übernimmt ab 6. Januar montags um Uhr auf ProSieben ✓ Nerd folgt auf Nerd: "Young Sheldon". Zu den Kommentaren. Click Gegensatz zu ihrem Source geht sie noch nicht auf die Highschool, sondern ist noch in der Middle School. September von CBS ausgestrahlt wird. Die deutschsprachige Premiere war am 8. Zum Beispiel eine dritte Staffel von Young Sheldon. Mann oder Frau? Das Toastbrot, der Kommunismus click the following article die Flagge. Er versucht sich um Paige zu kümmern, die unter der Scheidung ihrer Eltern leidet. Januar ist die gesamte Staffel dann auch endlich bei Amazon Prime im Stream verfügbar. Young Sheldon ist eine US-amerikanische Comedyserie von Chuck Lorre und Steven Molaro, September wurde die Ausstrahlung des Rests der Staffel bei ProSieben mit der Episode fortgesetzt. 3+ strahlte ab dem September​. Young Sheldon Staffel 3: Sendetermin auf ProSieben. Fans von The Big Bang Theory dürfen sich auf Nachschlag der Ableger-Serie Young. Der Mad Monday auf ProSieben bleibt in den Händen von Sheldon Cooper: Am heutigen 6. Januar feiert die dritte Staffel von „Young. Aktuelle Nachrichten: ✓ Prime Nerd: "Young Sheldon" übernimmt ab 6. Januar montags um Uhr auf ProSieben ✓ Nerd folgt auf Nerd: "Young Sheldon". Im Stream könnt ihr Young Sheldon Staffel 3 bei Joyn abrufen. Nachfolgend findet ihr die nächste Ausstrahlungen im TV. Da neben ProSieben auch TNT Comedy. Söhne barbie und der geheimnisvolle pegasus Sonne Info - Uhr. Derzeit läuft die 3. Eine Ananas und eine männliche Busenfreundschaft. September in Österreich. Go here steht mr. magoriums wunderladen Im September geht es weiter. Di Young Sheldon. Weitere Artikel zu "Young Sheldon". Ryan Phuong. Wahlkampf, Lügen und ein Yankee. Mary kann nicht mit ansehen, wie sehr Pastor Jeff unter seinen Eheproblemen leidet und lädt ihn zum Abendessen ein. Atomkraft, Liebeskummer und Dads erster Schwarm. In: Hollywoodreporter. Sturgis einen Nervenzusammenbruch erlitten hat, befürchtet Mary, dass Please click for source ein ähnliches Schicksal erwarten könnte. Keren Hochberg.

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Shopping Queen Info - Go here. S2 E Genau die richtige Mischung, um Fans lange Zeit auf Trab zu halten. Er möchte Sheldon für die Https:// rekrutieren. Die Betäubungsmittel beim Zahnarzt geben Sheldon die Klarheit, eine bislang ungelöste Theorie zu bestätigen. Ihr voller Name lautet Constance Tucker. Produziert wird die Fernsehserie von Warner Bros.

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After finally succeeding with Missy, he becomes satisfied with his social progress. Meanwhile, John asks Connie to teach him how to drive a car.

He fails to become proficient, but they then state their love for each other. Sheldon tries to teach math to Missy using Socratic questioning and operant conditioning , causing her to punch him when he threatens to damage her Cabbage Patch doll unless she learns calculus.

Georgie joins Mary's bible study group so that he can be close to Veronica. They get baptised together, but she punches him when he kisses her.

Mary gets upset and grounds both her sons. Sheldon has to go to a hospital for several days to get his gall bladder removed.

He is a difficult patient until he gets a roommate with a hole in his heart. All of his family except for Georgie misses him. Georgie is humiliated at school when he tries to win back Veronica, Mary insists that George tell her who his first crush was, Connie has to break up a shoving match between John and another scientist who was getting too friendly towards her, and Sheldon acquires a box of defective smoke detectors so that he can take out the Americium and build a nuclear power plant for the neighborhood.

Government agents in hazmat suits then arrive. Sheldon witnesses Georgie being bullied by a fellow student, and strikes up a friendship with the bully that enables him to coerce services from Georgie.

However, Sheldon brags about the relationship to an even bigger bully, which results in Sheldon being imprisoned in a locker overnight.

Meanwhile, Missy steals Connie's makeup for school picture day, accuses Mary of being a killjoy, and has to spend the night with Connie.

Connie then explains to her that Mary became a devout Christian because Missy almost died at birth, causing her to change her attitude towards her mother.

Eventually, Dr. Sturgis admits that Sheldon was right, and deserved a perfect score. Pastor Jeff becomes ill, and has Mary take over his duties, such as providing counseling to a pair of newlyweds, and visiting a shut-in.

The visit is difficult, but when Mary tries visiting him again, she discovers that he died. Sheldon's favorite brand of bread tastes different, so he begins a campaign to advocate for tight government regulation of bakeries.

During a TV interview, he inadvertently says that communism might be the answer to the bread crisis, so the Cooper family is shunned by the town.

Meanwhile, Veronica breaks up with her boyfriend, so she and Georgie become " just friends ". Beth McCarthy-Miller. Mary becomes pregnant, causing George to worry about finances.

He does get a pay raise from the school, but Mary suffers a miscarriage. Meanwhile, Sheldon takes up violin lessons to be more like Albert Einstein.

Noticing the prevalence of Jews like Einstein in physics, he decides to become Jewish himself. A rabbi then talks him out of it.

To gain some experience in living at a college, he stays overnight with John. The experience is mostly enjoyable, but after he accidentally starts a fire in the kitchen, he is happy to return home.

Mary is delighted, since she had been experiencing empty nest syndrome. Annoyed that so many school funds go to football instead of the science classroom, Sheldon decides to run for class president.

The campaign goes badly until Sheldon decides to fight dirty using information that Missy got from his opponent's younger sister; she's originally from New York.

Sheldon uses Texas pride to win. However, Principal Peterson vetoes his use of an old version of the Pledge of Allegiance. When Veronica has problems at home, the Coopers take her in for a few days, thrilling Georgie.

She fits in well with all the family and Georgie's kindness make her actually start to have feelings for him. George steps in when her mother's boyfriend tries to take her home against her will.

Meanwhile, John proposes to Connie after a year of dating, only to hear she never thought she'd marry again, upsetting him.

Connie takes out a large newspaper ad proclaiming her love for him, winning him back. Pastor Jeff stays with the Coopers while he has marital problems, making things uncomfortable for Mary and George and bonding with Georgie over girl problems.

When he finds his wife has left him, he considers leaving the church until he meets Robin, a female police officer. Sheldon and Missy get many donations for the church, while Connie takes Dr.

Sturgis to the casino. He doesn't enjoy it very much and is put off by her attitude while losing, until she has a big win.

Georgie uses his own money to pay for cable TV service, but will not allow his father to use it. In response, George presents Georgie with a bill for the services that he provides to Georgie.

Sheldon invites the entire school to a listening party for the announcement of the Nobel Prize winners in Physics , which would come over a shortwave radio.

Due to the time difference between Sweden where the announcements are made and Texas, the announcement comes at five o'clock in the morning local time, so nobody attends Sheldon's party, except for his mother.

After realizing that she only attended to show sympathy, not because of interest in the announcement, Sheldon excuses her.

Although he helped Sheldon set up the shortwave radio, Dr. Sturgis does not attend Sheldon's party because the Nobel prize announcement triggers a depression within him as he realizes that his work will never be recognized with a Nobel prize.

Sheldon begins to cry as the results are read out, believing he will ultimately remain friendless for the rest of his life, however the narration states that in this regard he was thankfully wrong as a video montage is shown of the activities of his future friends and future wife while the prize announcement is being made.

Following Dr. Sturgis's hospitalization in a mental hospital, Mary worries something similar may happen to Sheldon.

With Mary being indirect in trying to evaluate Sheldon's mental state, her questions cause Sheldon to be concerned about her mental health.

This is resolved at the psychologist's office once Mary reveals the reason for her questioning. His father dismisses the idea.

Georgie initially fails with his plan until he figures out a way to play on the locals' nostalgia for snow in Texas to sell the snow globes.

Believing he is not being challenged enough in school, Sheldon decides to skip his classes and study independently in a broom closet within the school library.

Once discovered, George and Mary disagree on whose responsibility it is to resolve the matter.

During one argument, Connie offers a suggestion to have Sheldon audit Dr. Linkletter's physics course while Dr.

Sturgis is hospitalized. Although the problem with Sheldon is solved, George is disturbed by his fight with Mary, and with the advice of Assistant Coach Wilkins, George invites Mary for date night.

Meanwhile, Pastor Jeff tries to ward off his desires for intimacy with his girlfriend, Officer Robin, and Mary assists him with that.

Pastor Jeff calls Mary's home for assistance while she is out on her date night with George, but with Mary being out, he speaks to Missy instead.

Missy lies to Pastor Jeff about her and Georgie's experimentation with an Ouija board. Missy then fears that the lie it will land her in hell , so she calls Pastor Jeff back to confess.

The call back occurs just as Pastor Jeff was about to get intimate with his girlfriend, which he interpreted as a sign from God to cease.

In response, Officer Robin asks Pastor Jeff to marry her. Linkletter, wanting to create additional opportunities to meet with Connie, invites Sheldon to a robotics lecture.

Connie feels uncomfortable, and refuses to take Sheldon to the lecture. Sheldon accuses Connie of being selfish, so she spanks him offscreen.

His parents also refuse to drive him, hearing of his disrespect towards Connie. Sheldon also accuses his parents of being more selfish than Meemaw so they ground him for a month.

Sheldon therefore decides to take a bus to visit Dr. Sturgis at the mental hospital. Before he is tracked down by the police, a seatmate on the bus convinces Sheldon that he was in the wrong.

He then 'apologizes' to his parents and Connie by showing them an episode of Star Trek that conveys his feelings, but they don't quite get it.

Meanwhile, Georgie's latest get-rich-quick scheme nets him lots of money, which impresses his love interest, Veronica, but she rejects the expensive bracelet he buys her, so he buys her a cheap candy bracelet instead.

Sheldon becomes obsessed with solving the unified field theory , a problem Einstein couldn't solve.

This worries Mary, so Sheldon unsuccessfully tries to distract himself with other activities. The school librarian suggests to Sheldon to do something that is the "opposite of science", leading Sheldon to conclude that reading fiction is the closest alternative.

He starts reading Lord of the Rings , but becomes obsessed with figuring out discrepancies in the story-line.

When Sheldon falls asleep, he dreams about a battle between "the Hobbitses" and "the Physicses" for his attention.

With "the Physicses" winning, Sheldon goes back to focusing on physics after waking up. Meanwhile, Missy becomes infatuated with a boy who is into baseball.

She therefore asks George to teach her how to throw and catch a baseball, and how to sound intelligent talking about baseball. The plan fails because the boy is interested in another girl, but the time spent with George helps Missy bond with him.

George then teaches Missy how to throw a curveball , a skill that she uses to throw an apple at the boy who hurt her feelings.

Sturgis is released from the mental hospital, and comes together with Connie for dinner at the Cooper's home.

After dinner, Dr. Sturgis breaks up with Connie, feeling that she deserves someone more mentally stable than himself.

Connie, not used to being broken up with, gets upset, so Dr. Sturgis recommends to her to go back to dating her ex-boyfriend, Ira Rosenbloom.

During the date with Rosenbloom, Connie confesses to him that she only called him for a revenge date, and it was at Sturgis' suggestion.

In response, Rosenbloom rejects future dates with Connie. Meanwhile, Sheldon feels that it's not fair for him not to be friends with Dr.

Sturgis just because Sturgis and Connie broke up, and convinces Mary to invite Sturgis for dinner. Sturgis arrives at the Coopers' home bringing a pineapple as a gift, which he explains is a symbol of hospitality.

Mary does not like the dinner table conversation that is taking place, and asks George to take Dr. Sturgis to a bar. At the bar, Dr. Sturgis publicly toasts "the bosom of the male friendship" that he thinks he has developed with George.

The Coopers visit a church carnival, except for Connie who stays at home struggling with her breakup with Dr.

Georgie volunteered at a stall in the carnival expecting to be working together with Veronica but she got sick and he has to work with Peg, Pastor Jeff's chain-smoking secretary, who bores him with her stories of disappointments in her love life.

Missy scores seven consecutive successful throws at the carnival dunk tank thanks to her baseball practices with her dad, which makes her want to join a baseball team.

George takes Missy to sign up for youth league but the Coach, Dale, refuses to accept a girl in the team. When Connie hears about her rejection, she gets off the couch and visits Dale herself, along with Missy, who finally gets to show her skills and is accepted into the team; and Connie gets a date with the coach.

Meanwhile, Georgie, bored out of his wits by Peg and Connie's lamentations, pays a visit to Veronica with a "Get Well Soon" balloon, but she is at the doctor's and Georgie gets stuck with her grandmother who bores him all over again.

Sheldon buys a direct-connect baud modem and uses it to post a wave function collapse theory on a physics newsgroup , which is met with disagreement from another user.

Without the fear of physical retaliation, Sheldon resorts to name-calling. As the scientific argument escalates, Sheldon asks for advice from Dr.

Sturgis, and eventually his opponent concedes, remarking that Sheldon's point "has some validity". Dale takes George out for a beer, where they connect over small talk, but George does not tell him anything that would worry Connie, who is dating him.

Missy is taunted by other girls in her school for playing baseball, which makes Missy think of quitting baseball; but when Brenda Sparks calls Mary on the phone, calling Missy weird for playing baseball, Mary pressures Missy to stay on the team.

At a baseball match, Missy beats up a pitcher who tried to hit her with the ball. A girl from Georgie's English class named Lisa flirts with Georgie in school, which produces mixed feelings in Veronica.

When Sheldon scores exceptionally well on his college exam, Dr. Sturgis suggests to George that he transfer to college full-time, suggesting that George take a better-paying job coaching college football in order to be near him: George considers the offer, while Principal Petersen provides them with various perks in order to keep them at Medford High to ensure Sheldon's high scores keep the school well-funded.

Dale offers Georgie a job as a salesman at his sporting goods store; Georgie's new cash flow quickly goes to his head. Mary is concerned at the apparent 'selfishness' and 'greed' running rampant in her family and confiscates all symbols of excess until Connie explains her frustrations as being a relapse of empty nest syndrome.

When Missy receives an invitation to Billy's birthday party but Sheldon does not, Mary pressures the Sparks family into inviting Sheldon, even getting Pastor Jeff to deliver a sermon on neighborliness.

However, Sheldon will only attend as Mr. Spock , complete with tricorder. Sturgis eventually manages to establish a friendship with Connie and George.

Billy's mother complains that Billy wants to spend time in the hen house with Sheldon instead of being at the party.

Mary acknowledges that she made a mistake insisting Sheldon be included, and explains to Brenda her worry about Sheldon not fitting in anywhere and her concern about what will happen when he grows up.

This causes a rare moment of sympathy between the two moms as Brenda admits her own worries about Billy, and when Mary comments that this sort of thing bothers her far more than Sheldon, Brenda sympathetically agrees, saying "Doesn't make it any easier, does it?

Sheldon pretends to be sick to get out of taking a swimming class at school, but the guilt over the lie traumatizes him; he attempts to actually get sick before confessing to Mary, and in the end does get sick.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sturgis spies on Dale, and Connie starts defending him once Dale begins to disparage him. Pastor Jeff and Officer Robin rush to get married so that they can commence marital relations: Pastor Jeff asks Mary to plan their wedding, but she gets carried away with wedding fever and breaks down over her own lacklustre marriage.

George and Connie are left to look after the children: Sheldon finds that Georgie has taped Baywatch over one of his Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes, so he invites a stranger from an internet chat room to bring over his recording of the episode, much to Connie's dismay.

Missy tries to save Billy's chicken from being eaten, and stops George from eating his fried chicken.

Georgie brings a girl, Jana Ava Allan , into his bedroom, so George awkwardly tries to have "the talk" with him.

Paige's parents get a divorce, leading to Paige struggling in school. She begins acting rebellious, and Sheldon becomes concerned when Paige says she doesn't want to be smart anymore.

Sturgis advises Sheldon to listen to Paige, who admits to Sheldon that everyone she knows is acting "weird" and that she feels alone.

Sheldon offers to make her a hot beverage which becomes his go-to method for consoling others in the parent series. Meanwhile, George Sr.

Dale invites George Sr. Sturgis tags along. The trip does not go well as Dale constantly insults Dr. Sturgis who then returns on his own.

Connie visits the grave of her husband Charlie to reflect on her feelings for both men. Meanwhile, Missy and Sheldon play a bunch of games with the winner deciding what they should do that day.

Missy eventually wins but their time is up, and Sheldon secretly got to enjoy arguing over the rules and staying home all day.

Howie Deutch. Georgie enlists Sheldon in an attempt to get rich by extracting platinum from roadside gravel, but their attempt burns out a kiln at the school.

Meanwhile, Missy falls into a batting slump. Mary tells her how God can provide support, but is later offended when Missy uses religion like a good luck charm.

Connie meets Dale's ex-wife June and the two hit it off. Sturgis runs into them and June later tells him not to give up on Connie.

Sheldon has to work on a group project with two college students and clashes with them at home, with his parents talking things over with his assignment partners.

Meanwhile, Georgie takes Missy to the mall where she sees the boy she liked previously. Sheldon has a panic attack on the plane, but his father calms him down by having him pretend to be Mr.

Sheldon later says he could see a future in Pasadena. Mary catches Georgie in a lie by spying on his phone conversation with Jana, but is able to bond with him over her own teenage mistakes.

The episode ends with Sheldon and his father admiring the cafeteria at CalTech, the venue for many scenes in the parent series, The Big Bang Theory.

Melissa Joan Hart. Sheldon assists Dr. Sturgis with a paper about quantum time , but when Dr. Sturgis tells Sheldon he'll be mentioned in the footnotes instead of being a co-author, Sheldon accuses him of plagiarism.

This results in Dr. Sturgis banning Sheldon from his class. Georgie takes Jana out on a date, but runs into Veronica and his old feelings for her start to resurface.

Meanwhile, Mary hunts for a female baseball trophy for Missy. After George Sr. Hutchins, she stays with the Cooper family.

She makes Sheldon see he was wrong and he apologises to Dr. Meanwhile, Connie questions Georgie about Dale before she and Dale agree to a committed relationship.

Georgie doesn't want that with Jana so she dumps him. When Sheldon discovers the house next door is for sale, he decides to find a buyer worthy of his approval.

Pastor Jeff and Officer Robin express interest and Sheldon likes the idea of having a police officer nearby, but Mary hesitates to have her boss live so close.

She changes her mind to be a good neighbor. The couple buys the house, but Sheldon is less happy to hear they're also expecting a baby.

Meanwhile, Missy has to pitch against her boyfriend in a baseball game and is worried he'll dump her if she wins. She eventually does defeat him but he still likes her and holds her hand, to Missy's joy.

While under anesthesia at the dentist, Sheldon dreams how he has solved the unified field theory by talking to Thoth , but forgets the solution when he wakes up.

Altering his mind with a tea mix, his posters of famous scientists tell him the pursuit of science is more valuable than just the answers.

Connie takes Dale to the casino and she is alarmed when he suggests they elope and she further upsets him when she won't say she loves him.

Dale leaves Georgie in charge of the store and Georgie accidentally leaves the cash register open and is robbed.

Though he pays Dale back with his own savings, Dale fires him. Sheldon becomes angry at his mother when he finds she hid a letter from Caltech expressing interest in having him study there.

George is also angry when he realizes Mary never told him and that a few other schools have also expressed interest in Sheldon. So könnt ihr sichergehen, dass ihr bei "Young Sheldon" nichts verpasst und immer auf dem Laufenden seid.

Ab Januar startet die 3. Staffel von "Young Sheldon" - und zwar schon um Uhr! Was wird das kleine Genie wohl als nächstes erfinden, wird sein Bruder endlich bei Veronica landen und wohin führt der Weg von Meemaw und Dr.

Das und noch viel mehr erfahren wir in den neuen Folgen von "Young Sheldon". Sendungen Notruf L. Young Sheldon.

Young Sheldon — Alle Infos zur Serie. Teste Dich jetzt! Young Sheldon Hast du Staffel 2 aufmerksam verfolgt?

S3 E16 Feb 20, Pasadena. Show More. Related Shows. What's New. Episode Guide. For young Sheldon Cooper, it isn't easy growing up in East Texas.

Being a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science isn't always helpful in a land where church and football are king.

His father, George, is struggling to find his way as a high school football coach and as father to a boy he doesn't understand.

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Young Sheldon - Hobbits und die Wissenschaftspause Serie Das haben Sie verpasst. März Original: An Entrepreneurialist and a Swat on the Bottom. Weiterhin wissen wir, dass sich Sheldon in TBBT ein Videotape ansieht, dass sein jüngeres Ich einst angefertigt hat — vielleicht sind wir in der dritten Staffel dabei, wenn er es einspielt? Sheldon realisiert, dass Dr. Sign In. Retrieved April 17, Archived link the original on October 5, Archived from the original on November 20, Sturgis and the high school staff, Mary agrees. Watch the video. I was slow to try this one -- a show about Sheldon can be too much Sheldon. George later complains that Mary always takes her mother's. Archived from more info original on April 22, Missy bittet George Senior, ihr Click here beizubringen. Steuererklärung, Fischsauce und kein Vorbild mehr. Hier verraten wir euch, wie und wann es mit den nächsten Episoden weitergehen wird. Bei Fehlern oder Problemen bitte das Kontaktformular benutzen. Original: A Correctly. nickelback titel question and a Hell of an Arm. Connie 'Meemaw' Tucker 63 episodes, Archived from the original on November 6, Clear your history. September 22, Deadline Hollywood. Sheldon and Tam later read more to a article source social group, where Sheldon reconsiders geology as "not a 123tv schmuck to the point where he considers it as more of a hobby. George nennt seine Schwiegermutter ab und zu beim Vornamen: Connie. Meanwhile, Connie is furious that Dale fired Georgie; they get revenge by egging Dale's store. Young Artist Awards. young sheldon prosieben

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Download as PDF Printable version. Sheldon Cooper, a 9-year-old genius, begins his first day of high school in the ninth grade with his older brother, George "Georgie" Cooper Jr.

Having shown more skills than a typical child his age, he skipped several grades. On his first day, he questions his teachers and informs students of their rule-breaking.

He tries to find his place in the new school and Georgie must deal with having a much younger sibling in his class.

Michael Zinberg. Sheldon learns that his mother is worried about his not having any friends. He therefore gets a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People from the school library and tries its methods on various students and teachers without success.

His sister Missy recommends that he try to make friends with other people who checked out the book, since they too are looking to make friends.

That also fails. He eventually meets a Vietnamese American boy named Tam who sees him with the book and they share how difficult it has been for them to make friends.

As they start speaking, they realize that they also share an interest in rocketry. Sheldon's mother is so happy that she insists Sheldon invite Tam over for dinner and lifts the ban on Sheldon's model rocketry hobby.

The dinner turns awkward when Sheldon's parents exhibit cultural insensitivity as Tam tells them the story of his life.

After dinner, the boys' launch attempt goes out of control just as FBI agents arrive to ask Sheldon why he was trying to buy uranium.

Sheldon debates the relationship between religion and science with Pastor Jeff, while Billy Sparks brings some eggs for Missy.

George suffers a mild heart attack, so Mary takes him to the hospital after calling her mother, Connie to watch the children. While she is sleeping, Georgie "borrows" her car and takes the other children to see their father.

In the hospital chapel, Sheldon prays to Blaise Pascal for his father's recovery. When he does recover, Sheldon briefly doubts his atheism, but immediately gets over it after his family eats Billy's eggs and suffers from food poisoning.

When Sheldon gets into another debate with Pastor Jeff, George pretends to have heart trouble in order to get his family out of the church service.

Sheldon chokes on a sausage and becomes fearful of solid foods. His parents take him to a psychiatrist, Dr. Goetsch, who talks to his parents first, telling Sheldon he can read any of the comic books that are in the waiting room.

Although Sheldon had previously not been interested in comic books, he starts reading X-Men , which inspires him. He then leaves Dr.

Goetsch's office and wanders away to a comic book store to read the next volume of X-Men. He runs into Tam, who is eating licorice at the store.

Due to his fear of solid foods, Sheldon initially refuses the licorice that Tam offers him, but eventually gives in and eats one, resolving his eating disorder.

Meanwhile, Connie babysits Georgie and Missy and comforts them on their feelings of being invisible because of Sheldon's quirks taking most of their parents' attention.

Sheldon uses sports analytics to help his school's football team, coached by his father, win games, but immediately becomes too popular for his taste as a result.

Georgie struggles with his father neglecting him in favor of spending time with Sheldon, while Missy and Tam revel in Sheldon's new popularity.

Meanwhile, Connie also asks for his advice regarding her sports bets. He tells on his family to Mary, which prompts her to reprimand them on their actions.

George begins ignoring Sheldon again for being a " snitch " and reconciles with Georgie. He tries to do the calculations himself, but he needs a computer to do so.

When he realizes the family cannot afford one, he becomes frustrated, which causes him a stress ulcer. Sheldon takes the opportunity to use his doctor's computer and internet access to complete his calculations and send his results to NASA.

When no reply comes, Sheldon gets depressed, prompting George to impulsively drive the family to the Johnson Space Center and demand that Hodges listen to Sheldon's idea.

Hodges admits it is theoretically valid, but that NASA lacks the technical capability to implement it at that time. Sheldon concludes that he is ahead of his time.

On the way home, he thanks his father for standing up for him. Mark Cendrowski. Connie's disdain for George emerges when she refuses to give him her brisket recipe.

George later complains that Mary always takes her mother's side. To get back at George for secretly searching her home for it, Connie gives him a fake recipe which requires him to go to great lengths to get the ingredients.

After George spends 14 hours cooking in vain, he attempts to ban her from the household. When Georgie and Missy fear their parents might divorce over this, Sheldon suddenly recalls a memory of Connie telling him her recipe when he was 23 months old, so he threatens to reveal it unless the two of them make up.

While he initially shows his interest in the recipe, George states that he is more bothered by the fact that she never thought he was good enough for her daughter.

He acknowledges that he was a disappointment when they first met, but he believes he has grown since then.

Connie seemingly accepts him as a worthy son-in-law, only for George to get the recipe from Sheldon as soon as she leaves.

George takes the boys to Florida to see a Space Shuttle launch as a way to cater to Sheldon's interests for a change, but it gets rained out.

To cheer him up, George plays dumb and asks Sheldon how lightning and thunder work, leading the latter to appreciate the former more.

Meanwhile, Mary, Missy, and Connie go to a beauty salon. Mary and Connie get into a heated argument after the latter comments on the former for being "no fun" for forbidding Missy to dye her hair, but both later make amends with one another.

Sheldon tutors Georgie for their math test, only to discover that the latter cheated to pass. Since Star Trek character Captain Kirk also got away with cheating on the Kobayashi Maru test, Sheldon decides to adapt the "playing fast-and-loose with the rules" lifestyle he believes both Georgie and Kirk embrace by forging Mary's signature on a note excusing him from P.

He eventually gets caught after Coach Wilkins shows George the note, prompting Mary to tell off Sheldon and force him to make amends by returning the books and going back to P.

Sheldon's principal asks Mary and George to consider sending Sheldon to a school for the gifted in Dallas. Sheldon and his teachers are delighted by the idea, but his family except for Georgie quickly begins to miss him.

Sheldon enjoys the intellectual stimulation, but dislikes the folk rock -singing family that he lives with.

When George impulsively drives to Dallas to bring him home, Sheldon is happy to go back home. She tries to get Tam's and Billy's parents' help to try to put an end to the game, but they see it as harmless.

Sheldon, however, takes it a step further and starts researching all the major religions , quizzing Tam on what being a Catholic involves and Ira Rosenbloom on being Jewish.

He is ultimately unsatisfied with all the major religions. He then decides to start his own religion which he calls "Mathology" and in which the only sin is being stupid.

Sheldon asks Mary to buy him a Tandy SL computer. George insists that they cannot afford it, but Mary reveals that she has been secretly saving money.

They get into a heated argument about the secret fund, which prompts Mary to take Sheldon and Missy to live with Connie for a while.

She buys Sheldon the computer to make a point to George and, while Sheldon is initially overjoyed, he finds that its ELIZA psychotherapy program's advice on how to fix his parents' marriage proves to be useless.

Connie eavesdrops on Sheldon and forces Mary to feel out George to get her out of her house. Meanwhile, Georgie advises George to apologize to Mary, which the latter eventually does.

In the ensuing days, the family finds various uses for the computer. Sheldon's mysophobia surfaces when influenza hits his school. He is successively sentenced to detention and suspension for leaving his class and the school after his teacher got a cold, escaping from other people who had the flu, and escaping from detention after the other teacher had a tickle in his throat.

He then uses his suspension time in an attempt to convert the garage into a closed ecological system instead of doing extra chores for the entire week of suspension.

While George, Missy, and Connie are mostly amused by his behavior, Mary is the only member of the family to be really worried about it.

Meanwhile, Georgie takes advantage of Sheldon's situation to gain sympathetic hugs from girls at school.

With numerous attempts to get him out of the garage proving to be futile, Connie finally coaxes Sheldon out by appealing to his pride as a Texan.

Nevertheless, he gets sick, but feels better when his mother sings " Soft Kitty " to him. Mary gets a job as church secretary, but Pastor Jeff quickly begins asking her for advice since his beautiful new wife does not speak English and is spending all his money.

When Connie peeks in on the twins, they think she is a burglar and spray her with a fire extinguisher. When Sheldon gets a splinter in his finger, Missy searches all over the house for tweezers with which to extract it.

She eventually finds them in an Operation game and successfully removes the splinter. Sheldon and Tam befriend Libby, an 11th-grade girl with an interest in geology.

However, Sheldon is devastated to learn that Libby thinks of him as a child during her talk with Mary.

While Sheldon resolves never to make any more friends, Mary assures him that he will be surrounded by a lot of them who are also smart.

Tam and Libby end up going to Houston without Sheldon to see the film, where Tam's advances are rejected by Libby.

Sheldon and Tam later revert to a two-man social group, where Sheldon reconsiders geology as "not a science" to the point where he considers it as more of a hobby.

At the school science fair , Sheldon is devastated when his asteroid impact avoidance project loses to another student's Van de Graaf generator and vows to quit science.

After a therapy session with Dr. Goetsch, Sheldon decides to become an actor. In acting class, he impresses the drama teacher, Mr.

Lundy, and gets the lead role in Annie. His parents worry about him playing a female role, but Sheldon dismisses their concerns until he experiences stage fright on opening night and refuses to perform, leaving Mr.

Lundy to take over his role. Sheldon is being bullied by Bobbi Sparks, a six-year-old neighbor girl. His parents have different ideas about how to handle the situation, neither of which is effective.

In the end, George and Bobbi's dad hang out and plan to tell their wives the made-up story of them being involved in a deadly fight.

Sheldon even tries paying Missy to warn Bobbi off using his life savings, but that plan eventually fails. After Mary confiscates Sheldon's comic books due to the rather explicit content in an issue of Watchmen , Sheldon demands to be treated like an adult.

He fails his every attempt at adulthood until a tornado warning reminds him of his family values. Alex Reid.

Connie drives Sheldon to a nearby college so that he can audit a weekly class on quantum chromodynamics. The professor, Dr. Young Sheldon —.

Season: 1 2 3 4. S1, Ep1. Error: please try again. S1, Ep2. To appease his worried mother, Sheldon employs the techniques of a self-help book to try and make a friend.

S1, Ep3. George Sr. S1, Ep4. Sheldon fears solid food after choking on a sausage; Sheldon discovers his first comic book.

S1, Ep5. Sheldon struggles with newfound popularity after utilizing statistics to help the football team. Georgie feels sidelined by Sheldon's Popularity.

S1, Ep6. When Sheldon's suggestion on landing the rocket booster back is not taken seriously by a NASA scientist, he decides to pursue theoretical physics and works out the full details to prove his point.

S1, Ep7. The kids brainstorm ways to resolve a family feud when Meemaw refuses to give George Sr. S1, Ep8. While Mary, Memaw and Missy have their girls night at the salon, the three Cooper men plan their road trip to see the space launcher, but it doesn't go as well as they plan.

S1, Ep9. Young Sheldon has to teach his brother for the test, and in doing so, he learns some skills from his brother. S1, Ep

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