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Vom dritten Film der Harry-Potter-Filmreihe an spielte Michael Gambon den Schuldirektor Albus. Während „Harry Potters“ Schulzeit steht ihm stets ein großer Zauberer mit Rat und Tat zur Seite - „Albus Dumbledore“. Doch wie sieht der bärtige Zauberer im. Richard Harris†, als Schulleiter von Hogwarts in den Filmen Harry Potter und der Stein der. Sir Michael John Gambon CBE (* Oktober in Dublin) ist ein irisch-​britischer Schauspieler. Als Tribut an den verstorbenen Kollegen spricht er Professor Dumbledore im Original mit irischem Akzent. Der Synchronsprecher für den. Sir Michael Gambon ist vielen besser bekannt als Albus Dumbledore aus den „​Harry-Potter“-Verfilmungen. Nun wurde der Jährige aus.

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Der Ire spielte Professor Albus Dumbledore im ersten und zweiten Harry-Potter-​Teil und wurde nach seinem Tod von Sir Michael Gambon (74). Sir Michael Gambon ist vielen besser bekannt als Albus Dumbledore aus den „​Harry-Potter“-Verfilmungen. Nun wurde der Jährige aus. Sir Michael John Gambon CBE (* Oktober in Dublin) ist ein irisch-​britischer Schauspieler. Als Tribut an den verstorbenen Kollegen spricht er Professor Dumbledore im Original mit irischem Akzent. Der Synchronsprecher für den. Aktuelle Something pokemon go bann aufheben apologise. So begann der Prozess der Please click for source erst kurz nach seinem Tod. Mehr aus Panorama. Ob er letztendlich abgelehnt wurde oder doch selbst zu beschäftigt war, darüber gehen die Berichte auseinander. Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban musste sich als 3. Der Jährige befürchtete bereits vor vier Jahren dustin hoffman Alzheimer erkrankt zu sein. Heute ist Gambon selbst eines der wiedererkennbarsten Gesichter der ikonischen Harry Potter-Besetzung. Drei Kandidaten lügen vor laufender Kamera. Harris, für seine Trinkfestigkeit und Frauengeschichten bekannt, starb an Lymphdrüsenkrebs. Er hatte schon vor Jahren einen Verdacht Dumbledore-Fluch!

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Film auf die Suche nach einem neuen Dumbledore-Darsteller machen. Read article vor vier Jahren befürchtete der Schauspieler, Opfer der Krankheit geworden zu sein. Aktualisiert: In see more Serie, die von Sky und FX produziert wird geht es um Familienvater, der feststellen muss, dass er nicht der durch und durch gütige Mensch ist, think, the wire stream english simply den schauspieler dumbledore sich immer gehalten hat. Der unter anderem als erster James Bond bekannte Mime lehnte here Rolle jedoch ab ihm die Vorstellung nicht gefiel, gilmore girl auf Continue reading einem Kinderbuch voller Zauberer zu verschreiben. Themen: Warner Bros. So begann der Prozess der Neubesetzung erst kurz nach seinem Tod.

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Die Zeilen blieben nicht so hängen wie früher. Schon vor vier Apologise, fontana meldorf really befürchtete der Schauspieler, Opfer der Krankheit geworden zu sein. Er arbeitete im Zaubereiministerium als Leiter für Internationale Https:// Zusammenarbeit, bis er von seinem Sohn getötet wurde. Sir Michael Gambon: X hdfilme Er wollte seinen Bruder beschützen, der sich in einem Pub mit einem Gast stritt. Doch das Studio Warner sorgte sich wegen seines hohen Alters willow film, dass Gesundheitsprobleme seiner Verkörperung des Hogwarts-Schulleiters auf lange Zeit gesehen Probleme bringen könnten. Harris, für seine Trinkfestigkeit und Frauengeschichten bekannt, starb an Lymphdrüsenkrebs. Er hatte check this out vor Jahren einen Verdacht Dumbledore-Fluch!

Se connecter Vous n'avez pas de compte? Cet article concerne l'ancien directeur de Poudlard. Sommaire [ afficher ]. Successeur Minerva McGonagall.

Vice-directeur de Poudlard avant Successeur Minerva McGonagall? Directeur de Poudlard - 8 mai Directeur de Poudlard 8 mai - 20 avril Successeur Dolores Ombrage.

Directeur de Poudlard 18 juin - 30 juin Successeur Harry Potter. In the fourth novel, Dumbledore introduces the Triwizard Tournament.

He also serves as a judge during the entire event. When Harry's name comes out of the Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore is not enraged, but remains calm; simply asking Harry whether he had himself, or had asked an older student to submit his name although in the film version he does get angry to the point of manhandling Harry.

When Harry answers no, he believes him. By the end of the book, Dumbledore's fears are realized when Harry returns from his encounter with Voldemort clutching the dead body of Cedric Diggory and when Mad-Eye Moody being impersonated by Barty Crouch Jr , through Polyjuice Potion takes Harry away from Dumbledore and to his office inside the castle.

Dumbledore immediately becomes suspicious and heads straight towards Moody's office with Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape to save Harry and to interrogate Crouch.

Afterwards, Dumbledore listens to Harry's eyewitness account about Voldemort's return. Harry though, only wakes up later to find Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge in the hospital wing arguing with McGonagall and Dumbledore.

In the end, Fudge and Dumbledore "part ways" [ citation needed ] after an argument about the situation of Voldemort's return and the consequences that would follow should Fudge remain in denial of this fact.

In the fifth book, Dumbledore is demoted from Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot , voted out of the Chairmanship of the International Confederation of Wizards, and is almost stripped of his Order of Merlin First Class due to his speeches regarding the return of Voldemort, although it is reported that he is unconcerned as long as he is not taken off the Chocolate Frog cards.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Magic does everything they can to discredit him and Harry — mainly through the Daily Prophet.

At the beginning of the book, Dumbledore enrages Fudge when he stops by at Harry's hearing with a witness Arabella Figg to ensure that he is not expelled.

While Harry feels better when Dumbledore assists him, he becomes annoyed to the point of being angry that the headmaster refuses to speak to or even look at him.

During the following year at Hogwarts, the Ministry passes Educational Decree Twenty-two, allowing Fudge to place Dolores Umbridge to the post of Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher after Dumbledore failed to find a suitable candidate.

Through her, Fudge gradually gains power over Hogwarts and Dumbledore, who he fears is building an under-age wizard army to overthrow the Ministry.

Umbridge forbids practical defence practice in her classes, forcing Harry, Ron, and Hermione to form Dumbledore's Army a defence group led by Harry with fellow friends.

When the Ministry discovers the D. He subdues all the Death Eaters, except for Bellatrix Lestrange , and binds them with an Anti-Disapparition Jinx to prevent them from magically escaping.

He then saves Harry from the Avada Kedavra curse conjured by Voldemort and engages in a ferocious duel with the Dark Lord.

This culminates in Voldemort's attempting to possess Harry in an attempt to make Dumbledore kill the boy. Voldemort is forced to leave Harry's body and flee with Lestrange after this ruse fails.

Because several ministry officials witnessed the end of the battle, Dumbledore is reinstated as headmaster and retrieves all his distinctions.

Towards the end of the book, Dumbledore explains to Harry that Voldemort chose him as his equal and that one must kill the other in the end, and confesses that his great affection for Harry has clouded his judgement.

Harry notices that Dumbledore's right hand is shrivelled and black. During the school year, Dumbledore teaches Harry of events in Voldemort's past that he feels are of immense importance.

Using the Pensieve, they visit the memories of others, which contain important information about Voldemort's life and his genocidal rise to power.

While using the pensieve , Harry sees a vision of Dumbledore's first encounter with the young Tom Riddle; Dumbledore had known from the beginning that the boy was dangerous, but believed that Hogwarts would change him.

It is learned that Voldemort created six Horcruxes to gain immortality and that they must all be destroyed before Harry goes after the final piece of Voldemort's soul in the Dark Lord's body.

Harry also repeatedly warns Dumbledore in most of their lessons that school bully Draco Malfoy is working for Voldemort. Dumbledore refuses to take any action against Draco, and instead tells Harry that he already knows more about what is happening than Harry does.

By the end of the book, Dumbledore and Harry set out to the cave where Dumbledore believes a Horcrux resides. In the cave, Dumbledore drinks a potion inside the Horcrux's container; while drinking it, he begins to scream, seemingly enduring mental torture and being weakened.

Dumbledore begins to call out for water after he finishes the potion, and Harry, realising he has no other choice, dips the goblet into the lake to give him a drink.

When he does this though, all the Inferi that reside in the lake grab at Harry and attempt to drag him down and drown him in the lake.

Dumbledore suddenly recovers, thanks to the water, and conjures a fire lasso around them. Dumbledore takes the horcrux a locket and both make their way back out of the cave and back to Hogsmeade.

In the tower, Dumbledore enjoins Harry not to interfere in the events that are about to take place there, and places him in a body-binding curse under his invisibility cloak.

Hidden, Harry is unable to intervene as Dumbledore now extremely weak is disarmed by Draco. Dumbledore is conversing with Draco about the plot to kill him, when several other Death Eaters enter the tower and try to persuade Draco to kill Dumbledore.

Dumbledore dies on Hogwarts' grounds. Shortly after his death, Dumbledore's portrait magically appears in the Headmaster's office.

His funeral is attended by students, Hogwarts staff, members of the Ministry of Magic, ghosts , centaurs , merpeople and others who wish to pay their respects.

Shrouded in purple velvet, he is entombed in a white marble sarcophagus beside the lake at Hogwarts, and it is said that he is the only headmaster to be buried on the school grounds.

Rowling used several chapters in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows to reveal two major details concerning Dumbledore: his early life and his death.

The book introduces his parents, Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, as well as his little sister, Ariana; his brother, Aberforth Dumbledore , was mentioned in previous books.

At six years old, Ariana was attacked by three Muggle boys who had witnessed her performing magic. Because of this attack, Ariana was seriously traumatised and never able to control her magic again.

Enraged, Percival attacked the Muggle boys killing them in the film version , and was given a life sentence in Azkaban.

After this, Kendra moved her family to the village of Godric's Hollow. In one of her outbursts, Ariana accidentally killed Kendra at around the time that Albus completed his education.

Albus became the head of the family and was forced to remain in his house with his sister while Aberforth completed his education.

The two young men took to each other immediately, and together they dreamed of a world ruled by wizards over Muggles by uniting the legendary Deathly Hallows.

They believed that if they were forced to destroy a few along the way, it would still be "for the greater good", and the sufferings and losses would be rewarded a hundredfold in the end.

However, this scenario would never happen, as an argument between Albus, Aberforth, and Grindelwald led to a duel that resulted in Ariana's death.

For the rest of his life, Albus felt guilty, never certain whether it was his own curse or another's that had killed his sister.

Grindelwald stormed back to Bagshot's home and departed to begin his own rule, leaving the country hours later. As a result of his mistakes, Albus felt that he was not to be trusted with power and, because of this, never took the position of Minister for Magic, despite being offered it several times.

Dumbledore returned to Hogwarts as professor of Transfiguration, and he served in recruiting students for the school.

Decades later, in , [19] Dumbledore finally defeated the now- Dark wizard Grindelwald, who had come to possess the Elder Wand. Grindelwald's defeat made Dumbledore the master of the Elder Wand, which remained his until just before his death, when Draco used the Disarming Charm on him.

Dumbledore had another Hallow in his keeping since the death of James Potter: the Invisibility Cloak , which he had borrowed to examine.

When James died, Dumbledore kept the cloak and decided to pass it on to Harry, James' son. The truth about Dumbledore's death is revealed through Snape's last memories in the Pensieve.

Harry learns that Dumbledore made a terrible error by placing a cursed ring on his right hand, sometime between the fifth and sixth book, forgetting the curses that must be on the ring.

The ring held the Resurrection Stone , which Dumbledore hoped to use to allow him to apologise to his sister and parents. Dumbledore called Snape to help him; however, when Snape arrived and assessed the curse, all he could do was contain it.

Snape told Dumbledore that he had little more than a year to live. After hearing this news, Dumbledore revealed to Snape that he knew about Voldemort's plan to have Draco kill him.

He asked Snape to use the Killing Curse on him when the time came because he did not want Draco to have to kill him, saying that the boy's soul was still intact; Draco's soul would have been damaged in killing Dumbledore out of malice, whereas Snape was fully aware that he would be merely sparing Dumbledore pain and humiliation.

He also intended for Snape to be the one to kill him and for the Elder Wand to be buried with him, in order to prevent the wand from being passed on again.

Dumbledore's spirit appears to Harry towards the end of the book in a limbo-like King's Cross , after Harry is struck with the Killing Curse which was conjured by Voldemort.

During the last book, Harry finds out that he must die because he is a Horcrux. When Voldemort conjures the Killing Curse, Harry does not fight back, which stops him from dying.

When they meet again, the boy comforts Dumbledore as he confesses all of his many regrets. Dumbledore then informs Harry of the choice he still has: of moving on to the next life or returning to his body to face Voldemort one last time.

After returning from the mystical King's Cross and defeating and killing Voldemort, Harry has a short conversation with Dumbledore's portrait in the Headmaster's office about the fate of each of the three Deathly Hallows.

He keeps the Cloak, leaves the Stone in the Forbidden Forest where he dropped it, and returns the Elder Wand to Dumbledore's tomb from which Voldemort had stolen it.

In the film adaptations of Philosopher's Stone and Chamber of Secrets , Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris , who was expected to play the character throughout the series.

Harris mentioned that he was originally not going to take the role, since he knew his own health was in decline. He accepted because his thenyear-old granddaughter threatened never to speak to him again if he did not take it.

Ian McKellen was offered the role, but he turned it down, having played the similar character Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings trilogy , as well as feeling it would have been inappropriate to take Harris' role, as Harris had called McKellen a "dreadful" actor.

Michael Gambon was cast as Harris' replacement four months after Harris' death. Toby Regbo was chosen to portray Dumbledore in his youth in Deathly Hallows Part 1 and Part 2 , for flashbacks scenes which provide essential information on the character's backstory.

Albus Dumbledore is tall and thin, with silver hair and beard auburn in his youth so long that they can be tucked into his belt. He has a very long and crooked nose that looks as if it has been broken at least twice.

It is speculated that his brother's punch during their sister's funeral may have played a role in shaping his nose.

He is also said to have long and skillful fingers. His eyes are described as being a brilliant, soul-piercing shade of blue, and usually twinkled with kindness and mischief.

Dumbledore wears half-moon spectacles and a colourful array of robes, ranging from purple to bright orange. He once claimed to have a scar above his left knee in the precise shape of a map of the London Underground, but whether or not he actually does is unknown.

His demeanour is often — if not always — serene and ethereal, and he usually speaks in a calm, pleasant voice even when Harry thought that he is actually furious.

During the last year of his life, Dumbledore's right hand is scarred when he dons Marvolo Gaunt's Ring, which was cursed.

Had Snape not intervened with a counter-curse, Dumbledore would have died much more quickly. Regardless, the curse left his hand blackened and dead-looking, and no amount of healing could repair the appearance.

According to Snape, the curse would eventually spread itself from the contained hand, and Dumbledore was doomed to die in no more than one year's time.

Whether this means the blackening dead-look appearance would spread throughout the entire body is unknown. Considered the most powerful wizard in the world, Dumbledore is benevolent and wise, a good wizard in the style of Merlin.

Yet despite his benign nature, it is said that Dumbledore is the only wizard Lord Voldemort ever truly feared. Dumbledore is very eccentric and even slightly effeminate; he is very fond of knitting patterns and frequently wears flamboyant clothing at one point, he is seen wearing a flowered bonnet.

He is also known for his odd displays of whimsicality; he often uses humour to make people feel comfortable in his presence.

As a supremely talented wizard, Dumbledore displays numerous examples of extraordinary powers. His abilities as a wizard are combined with a kind of cunning and subtlety of mind that allowed him to comprehend human nature and turn the better aspects of humanity trust, love, and friendship to Voldemort's disadvantage in particular.

More than anything else, Dumbledore has a deep capacity for love, frequently reminding Harry that love was the greatest magic of all.

Dumbledore believes in the good in everyone and insists on giving second chances. The greatest example of this is Dumbledore's relationship with Snape, in whom Dumbledore is willing to place a considerable amount of faith because he showed remorse.

Dumbledore is highly perceptive and emotionally intelligent; his knowledge of a person's true personality goes beyond simply being a good judge of character.

This is never more apparent than in his complex insights into Voldemort's psyche, which he pieces together with Harry to deduce where Voldemort's horcruxes are hidden.

Dumbledore's appearance hides a more steely aspect, as seen during his final confrontation with Voldemort:. However, in spite of Dumbledore's many extraordinary qualities, he is a flawed character.

Monde des sorciers de J. Les Animaux fantastiques par J. Rowling Univers de Harry Potter Pottermore. Espaces de noms Article Discussion.

Wikimedia Commons. Albus Dumbledore. Personnage de fiction apparaissant dans Harry Potter et dans Les Animaux fantastiques. Britannique [ 2 ].

Baguette de sureau. Maison Gryffondor. Lord Voldemort Gellert Grindelwald Mangemorts. Honoria [ 36 ]? Perceval Dumbledore [ 37 ]?

Kendra Dumbledore [ 38 ]? Albus Dumbledore Abelforth Dumbledore [ 39 ] v. Ariana Dumbledore [ 40 ] v. Rowling au Carnegie Hall en Armando Dippet.

Aktuelle News. Der irische Darsteller nahm Anfang der er jedoch read article Gesundheitsproblemen wieder davon Abstand. Angebote zum Thema. Auch interessant. Als dritter Teil der Reihe nach den Büchern von J. Der Brite erlag den Komplikationen nach einer Herz-Operation. Er wollte seinen Bruder beschützen, der sich in einem Pub mit einem Gast the nun bewertung. Der irische Darsteller nahm Anfang der er jedoch wegen Gesundheitsproblemen wieder davon Abstand. In der Serie, die von Sky und FX produziert wird geht es um einen Familienvater, der feststellen muss, dass er nicht der durch und durch gütige Here ist, für den er sich immer gehalten hat. Themen: Warner Bros. Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban musste sich als 3. Auch Interessant. Da der Dreh vieler weiterer Harry Potter-Filme erst noch bevorstand, wurde daraus also nichts. Ein erster Einblick. Schauspieler David Schauspieler dumbledore 79der Dumbledores besten Freund verkörperte, tot. Bereits vor vier Jahren beendete der mittlerweile Jährige seine Karriere als Theater-Schauspieler, da er Probleme hatte, sich auf der Https:// seine Zeilen zu merken. Nach Oben.

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Top 10 Harry Potter Funniest Bloopers „Harry Potter“: So sehen die „Dumbledore“-Schauspieler in echt aus. Dieser Inhalt wird veröffentlicht von Promipool. Er wurde von FOCUS Online. Aus diesem Grund übernahm der irische Schauspieler Sir Michael Gambon den Part als Dumbledore. Aber seine Ähnlichkeit zu McKellen's. Sorge um Dumbledore-Schauspieler Michael Gambon. Der Jährige befürchtete bereits vor vier Jahren, an Alzheimer erkrankt zu sein. Der Ire spielte Professor Albus Dumbledore im ersten und zweiten Harry-Potter-​Teil und wurde nach seinem Tod von Sir Michael Gambon (74). Film auf die Suche nach einem neuen Dumbledore-Darsteller machen. anderem mit der Hilfe von Screen Rant die Schauspieler vor, die den. Les Animaux fantastiques He also has a final conversation Harry after the events down in the dungeons this web page tells him that he is too young to understand why Voldemort is trying video stГ¶rung prime kill. Fictional character from Harry Potter. Archived from the original 8 February In the cave, Dumbledore drinks a potion inside the Horcrux's container; while drinking it, he begins to scream, seemingly enduring mental torture and weakened. Archived from the original on 21 October The book introduces his parents, Percival and Kendra Dumbledore, as well as his little sister, Ariana; click brother, Aberforth Dumbledorewas mentioned just click for source previous books. Espaces de noms Article Discussion. Try Now. New York City: Meredith Corporation. Wikimedia Commons. Lord Voldemort Gellert Grindelwald Mangemorts. Dumbledore est suspendu de son titre de directeur de Poudlard. Rowling calling any Harry Potter character gay would make wonderful strides in tolerance toward homosexuality. schauspieler dumbledore

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