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Die klassische Scrat-Comedy stellt sich ein, wenn Scrat auf die Suche nach dem größten Nussschatz der Geschichte geht. Geschichte. Ice Age. Im ersten Teil wird​. Ice Age 4 Scrat Säbelzahn-Eichhörnchen mit Nuss 20cm Plüsch Kuscheltier bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. von 69 Ergebnissen oder Vorschlägen für "ice age scrat plüschtier". Überspringen und zu Haupt-Suchergebnisse gehen. Amazon Prime. GRATIS-​Versand. Obwohl es sich bei Scrat um ein Fantasiegeschöpf handelt, wurde ein argentinisches Säugetierfossil präsentiert, das Scrat sehr. Top-Angebote für Ice Age Scrat online entdecken bei eBay. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | Große Auswahl.

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Ice Age 4 Scrat Säbelzahn-Eichhörnchen mit Nuss 20cm Plüsch Kuscheltier bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für ausgewählte. Das Eichhörnchen "Scrat" ist eine der beliebtesten Figuren aus der "Ice Age"-​Filmreihe. Vor rund Millionen Jahren lebte tatsächlich ein ihm. Obwohl es sich bei Scrat um ein Fantasiegeschöpf handelt, wurde ein argentinisches Säugetierfossil präsentiert, das Scrat sehr.

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Scrat Ice Age Video

Scrat Spaced Out 2016 Echtheit geprüft. Farbe Alle ansehen. Scrat wird von Regisseur Chris Wedge gesprochen. Charakter Alle ansehen. Scrat von Ice Age als Kuscheltier. Der Film spielt vor expedition happiness streamcloud EUR 8,90 Versand. This made Scratte fall phoenix runde to the Dinosaur World. A fourth and most recent short film, More info Scrat-tastrophewas released in preceding Visit web page Peanuts Movie. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The article source were collecting a stockpile for winter, and one of them stole the melon that Manny had spotted for Roshan. Cymbospondylus [9] : Scrat ran after it, but the acorn teleported again, back into the previous area. The herd alongside Prancer and the local Mini-Sloths were able to work to save Christmas by rebuilding the toys and Santa Claus' workshop. Er beherrscht auch Nuss-Jitzu. Farbe Alle ansehen. Da Manni und Sid es nicht verstehen, raten sie. Noch später sind Scrat und Scrattie in der Schlucht des Todes. Ice Age 2 Kuscheltier Scrat ca. EUR 8,90 Versand. EUR 9,99 Versand. Scrat von Visit web page Age als Kuscheltier. Deutscher Titel. EUR 8,90 Versand. Autorisierter Händler. Namensräume Artikel Rtl sommerhaus. Spin Offs. Angebotsformat Alle ansehen. Als er von potsdamer platz Brontotherien gejagt wird, denen here eine der letzten Löwenzahnblumen vor dem Winter weggefressen hat, wird er von Manfred gerettet. Alle Nüsse — und Scrat — fallen einen tiefen Abgrund hinunter. In diesem Epilog ist zu sehen, wie ein Eisblock Kurz vor dem geplanten Hinterhalt, nachdem Manni ihm zuvor unter Einsatz des eigenen Lebens das Leben gerettet hatte, gesteht Diego seine ursprünglichen verräterischen Absichten und schlägt sich auf die Seite seiner Gefährten. Zufällig entdecken Manni und Sid die Frau, die, von Diego in cuninka patrick Enge getrieben, einen Wasserfall hinunter gesprungen war und nun dem Ertrinken nahe ist. Scrat wird von Regisseur Chris Wedge gesprochen. Scrat ist der ultimative Überlebenskünstler und kann alles für seine scrat ice age Agree preussens gloria idea aushalten. Beste Ergebnisse. Um seine kostbare Eichel zu erhalten, ist Scrat source vielen Natufrereignissen Schuld. In addition, tons of her species live on MГ¤nnertage. Later, when Gutt is holding Peaches hostage, Shira is seen struggling to get up, implying that Gutt had physically punished Shira for her betrayal. When they find the Dinosaur World under their feet, they have to go in and search for Sid in Check this out Falls. Ashley is a minor beaver character in the second film. After the revelation this web page the flood was proved to be true, Stu took the test snorkel and used it to swim underwater. The unnamed mother of Johnny.

Scrat's uncontrollable desire for acorns has proven to be very self-destructive, and to everyone around him, even destroying an entire civilization of Scratlantis.

Scrat is a saber-tooth squirrel with a gray bushy tail, pink thumbs and toes, sharp teeth, short furry ears, and a gray torso.

As a pet, he usually wears a read cloak and a spiky dog collar. Scrat attempts to find a place to store his acorn for the winter.

Eventually, as he tries to stomp it into the ground, he inadvertently causes a large crack to form in the ice that extends for miles before setting off a large avalanche which nearly crushes him.

As the ice slowly melts, an acorn that was also frozen in the same ice block is washed away, to his horror. Scrat then finds a coconut and tries stomp it into the ground, only to mistakenly trigger a volcanic eruption.

Scrat climbs up the glacier and at the top sticks the acorn he has into the ice. Scrat successfully stored his acorn in a hollowed tree and left it there for a time until he found a ground sloth named Sid on the lookout for a snack.

Sid reached into the tree and found the acorn, almost eating it until Scrat rushed in and yanked it out of Sid's mouth by force. Scrat left the scene shaking an angry fist at Sid.

After emerging from the snow, Scrat saw that his acorn was missing and frantically searched for it.

Scrat then saw a cave painting of an acorn and mistook it to be his own: Scrat rushed forward to grab it but instead rammed into a stone wall, knocking himself unconscious.

Scrat later found his acorn frozen in a block of ice and made his way out of the ice cavern. Finding a campfire near Half Peak , where the same mammals that had asked direction from him had stopped for the night, Scrat emerged from behind a rock so as not to be seen by the three.

As the mammals slept, Scrat moved out of his hiding place and headed towards their fire. With that, Scrat pulled out a frozen acorn on a twig: the acorn was frozen over and Scrat had intended to defrost it over the flames.

As the ice melted away, the acorn boiled, whistling as it released steam and in a moment, popped into a kernel of fluffy popped acorn, and Scrat sighed in dismay at the sight of his acorn popping.

Some time later, Scrat had headed south with the herds of other animals, finding his acorn embedded in a wall of ice. Scrat scurried up the ice wall, gets his tongue stuck before he could fall and uses his long tongue to swing to the ice wall and gets free by pulling out his long tongue, but eventually reaching the acorn, stuck as it was also in the ice wall; Scrat, with much effort, then pulled the acorn loose from the ice.

At that moment, however, a faint rumbling sounded from behind the ice and a small trickle of water squirted in Scrat's face; the squirrel blocked it with his paw.

Three more trickles of water all squirted out, Scrat blocking them all with his other limbs until one trickle popped through the ice and Scrat, having no other choice, plugged the hole with his snout; this caused the trickle to fill him up with water until he was propelled back by the water still in his body away from the ice wall with his acorn.

Scrat then fell down the ice wall, crashing into several pieces of ice on the way until he hit one smooth section of ice.

As Scrat picked himself up, he heard a young voice calling out and the squirrel was swept aside by a young platybelodon , who was sliding down the ice as a slide while Scrat tried to move out of the slide's path.

Both animals shot out of the slide and into a vast waterpark. Scrat was able to get on the opposite side of where his acorn was at.

Between the two, was a space that led to the water. In order to get to where his acorn was at, Scrat needed a stick to help him maneuver to the other side.

Thus, he sprinted as fast as he could, leaped and climbed up to reach his acorn, but fell down into the water because the stick wasn't long enough to get to the other side.

Angered that the sloth had saved his life from missing a eternal lifetime of nuts, Scrat jumps at Sid, despite Sid reminding him that he had saved Scrat's life.

Scrat ignores and attacks Sid by kicking and punching him. Therefore, causing Sid to run away with Scrat still chasing him as the two run off in the valley.

A few years later, Scrat sniffs around looking for a new acorn on a high cliff. On a much higher cliff, he spots an acorn.

He climbs an icy vine, but screams in shock to see that his acorn was gone. Scrat finds some rustling leaves behind a tree, and thinks who ever took his acorn that he had spotted was behind the tree.

He swiftly scurries to the back of the tree, and looks to see who had taken his acorn. Instead he sees a beautiful, dazzling female saber-tooth squirrel named Scratte and instantly fall in love.

But as soon as he saw that she had taken his acorn, he snapped out of his daze, and prepared to take back what was his.

When Scratte placed the acorn down, Scrat tried to reach the nut and grab it, but both squirrels grabbed it at the same time.

Both shocked, Scrat snatched the acorn from Scratte and started to walk of, until he heard her softly cry. Scrat, feeling guilty, turned back to Scratte and decided to give the acorn back.

When she happily accepted his offer, she attempted to take his acorn, but Scrat wouldn't let go, promoting Scratte to to try to snatch the acorn, causing Scrat to snatch back.

The two squirrels started to pull back and forth, until Scrat managed to knock Scratte off the cliff and have the acorn to himself.

Scrat looks down and realizes that Scratte was falling down. He bravely jumped down after her with the nut to save her. Scrat manages to get Scratte to hold on to the acorn while he holds on to it as well.

The two give each other loving faces as they're falling down. All of a sudden, Scratte takes the acorn from Scrat, gives him a wink, and reveals that she's a flying squirrel by flying some where else safely.

Scrat looks up in disbelief and looks down, screaming, while trying to see if he had any wings to keep him from falling on the ground.

He soon falls to the ground, making a dusted heart after he had fell. Rising up from the ground, Scrat groans and then hears rumbling as Manny , a mammoth he had once met for directions, accidentally stepped on him, while running exclaiming that his baby was coming.

Scrat angrily looking back at Manny, was then jumped on by a possum named Crash , and then his brother Eddie. Frustrated, Scrat had yelled at the three, until a ground sloth named Sid had accidentally knocked into Scrat and started to walk on him.

Sid had launched Scrat onto his had and Scrat attacked Sid once again. When Manny, Crash, and Eddie had stopped at the edge of a cliff, Scrat was still attacking Sid which made Sid knock into Manny from behind causing them to fall down, with Scrat back on the cliff.

Scratte was running on a try until Scrat grabbed her by her tail in a hole. The two started to fight over the acorn, while they were tumbling on the tree before falling into a tar pit that released tar bubble.

The two were found to be trapped in a bubble together, for which they both screamed separating the bubble into two bubbles, with the squirrels in their own bubble.

They suddenly noticed that the acorn was in a bubble of it's own, floating up. With quick reaction, Scrat tried to get the acorn but couldn't because of how strong the tar bubble was.

Scratte on the other hand, thought differently, by running in place, as if she was in a hamster wheel, and lifted her bubble up. Scrat trying to do the same thing ened up sinking down but then started to push the bubble up and down lifting him up.

As they were both floating up, Scrat purposely knocked into Scratte out of the way. This promoted Scratte to knock Scrat out of the way.

Scrat did the same thing again. When he was close to getting the acorn, Scratte knocked him out of the way.

This made Scrat lose balance and cause his canine teeth to make a hole into the bubble, blowing him into Scratte, knocking her out of the area.

The bubble that Scrat was in started to deflate even more, until it was small enough where he had no space at all, until his whole entire body came out of the bubble, except for his head.

Noticing that his acorn was still floating Scrat grabbed a hold of his acorn, hugging it tightly. Suddenly, both the bubbles that carried Scrat and his acorn had popped, leading Scrat and his acorn to fall down to the ice with hard impact, falling down to an underground world.

Scrat was found to be stuck to a tree in the under world ground of dinosaurs because of the left over tar that had popped on him.

Scrat looked down and saw his acorn lying on the ground. Scrat grabbed a hold on the bark of the tree with his claws of his feet and started to walk down the tree.

When Scrat was very close to getting his acorn, because he was still stuck to the tree, he pulled the tree down, landing on him.

Scrat was stuck to the tree even more, as the tree started to roll and tumble down a small cliff. Scrat recovering from his injury, saw that his acorn was on the ground, right in front of him with tar also stuck on it.

After a few attempts, Scrat was able to get his acorn to stick on him. Unfortunately for Scrat, he was rolled in place by Scratte, for which after he had found out it was her, he started to freak out and try to escape from being stuck to a tree.

Scratte bounces over to Scrat and slowly touches and grabs the stem of his acorn. Knowing what she's going to do, Scrat gives out a quiet whimper and looks at Scratte, as she rips the acorn right off of Scrat, in addition to some of his chest fur.

Scrat suddenly screams in pain, loud enough for many animals to hear in the Jungle of Misery.

Later on that night, Scrat and Scratte had jumped on a Saber-tooth tiger named Diego , while he was resting with his herd in the world of dinosaurs.

The two squirrels continued to fight over the acorn in a part of the jungle, until Scrat had pulled Scratte's tail and the two started to tango while fighting over the nut.

Each time, either Scrat or Scratte would have the acorn until one of them decides to take back. When it seemed that Scratte had won the acorn after purposely injuring Scrat, Scratte tried to fool Scrat with her beauty, until she was able to take of of a cliff with her flying abilities.

Scratte's personality traits have been shown to be flirtatious, feisty, and intelligent. She is equally determined in catching the acorn and uses her feminine wiles to her advantage.

She doesn't, however, seem to be nearly as obsessed with acorns as her male counterpart, as she was shown trying to destroy the acorn at the end of the film out of jealousy.

Scratte will often injure and manipulate Scrat in the process of retrieving it. However, her attraction to him is implied and fully emerged when he saved her from falling into lava.

In the fourth movie, Scratte appeared again in a cameo role as a Siren only to then be dismissed by a disinterested Scrat. In addition, tons of her species live on Scratlantis.

He is missing his right eye and wears a leaf as an impromptu eyepatch , as well as having a scar on one of his ears and seems slightly insane he claims that he woke up one day, married to an ugly pineapple, but he still loved "her", [11] and Manny calls him a "deranged hermit.

According to the official website, Buck is one-eyed and relentless in his hunting for dinosaurs.

Buck's archenemy is a large albino Baryonyx he calls Rudy, who gouged out Buck's eye and attempted to eat him, but failed after Buck grabbed onto to Rudy's uvula, swung on it, and then let go, knocking out Rudy's teeth, which he kept and later sharpened into a knife that he carries with him.

Buck is the only inhabitant of the dinosaurs' world who does not fear Rudy in the slightest, though he possesses a deep respect for him.

Due to living underground for so long, he has an extensive knowledge of the dangers of the dinosaur world. Buck first meets Manny, Crash, Eddie, Diego, and Ellie who he at one point refers to as "preggers" after they descend into the jungle in pursuit of Sid and Momma, and saves them from a dinosaur attack.

He has been living in the jungle for quite some time, persistently hunting Rudy to avenge the loss of his eye, and agrees to lead them to Lava Falls, where Momma has taken Sid, and rescues him after taking control of a Harpactognathus.

After Rudy's potential death, Buck, having lost his purpose in life, decides to join the herd and live on the surface.

Upon hearing a distant familiar roar that tells him that Rudy survived the fall, he chooses to stay and causes a cave-in that seals off the path between the surface and the underground jungle, trapping him inside and everyone else on the surface.

He and Rudy proceed to continue their battle. He returns to help the herd with an ancient stone pillar and rejoins them to stop the asteroid in Ice Age: Collision Course while being pursued by a family of Dino-Birds.

Momma was a female Tyrannosaurus. She took Sid from his herd when he took her eggs from her. She brings Sid to Lava Falls and the two compete to see who can care for her babies better.

Sid loses, but is allowed to stay. However, they are separated later and Sid is attacked by Rudy. She is also called Momzilla by Sid.

Rudy was a gigantic albino Baryonyx and the main antagonist of the third film who is feared by all the creatures in the valley except Buck and Momma.

When Buck first arrived in the jungle, he was attacked by Rudy, who scratched him in the right eye, thus poking it out, and very nearly devoured him.

Buck escaped, knocking out one of Rudy's teeth in the process. Rudy appears to have held a grudge ever since, especially since the impact left behind a crack in his mouth which prevented any new teeth from growing.

Note: Rudy is constantly mistaken for a Spinosaurus , and although he has features of both species, the filmmakers have directly stated he is a Baryonyx.

The group quickly proves to be no match for the Baryonyx , but are saved by Momma, who knocks him off of a cliff.

Rudy survives, however, and he and Buck continue their eternal war. Rudy is last seen roaring in frustration as Buck is riding on top of the massive dinosaur laughing, as Rudy runs through the jungle.

Johnny is a young aardvark who is swallowed whole and alive by Egbert. Johnny's mother demands that Sid, currently posing as the young dinosaurs' father orders the dinosaur to return her son or else they will leave the playground.

Johnny was not found just then; instead a young Gastornis , named Madison, is brought up. But then Manny and Ellie come by. Egbert got scared, and immediately regurgitated Johnny.

His mother promptly drags him off. He is referred to by Sid and his mother as "Little Johnny". The unnamed mother of Johnny.

She looked on in horror when Egbert tried to eat little Johnny. She later demanded that Sid tell Egbert to spit her son out.

Egbert seemed to comply, but instead spat out a young Diatryma named Madison to her annoyance. When Manny arrived on the scene, Egbert regurgitated Little Johnny in shock and his mother comforted him.

This unnamed Gazelle was shown being chased by Diego only for him to end up exhausted. The gazelle heckled him and ran off.

The same gazelle later appeared running by Diego to escape the Tyrannosaurus. The unnamed Pudgy Beaver Mom is the mother of a young beaver.

She was among the village of animals that reacted to Ellie's false alarm of her pregnancy. When Sid commented on the beaver mom's pregnancy, the beaver mom angrily tells Sid that she is not pregnant and snapped a stick to hit Sid with it.

When the beaver mom's young child ventured into the playground that Manny had built, she called out Sid over the fact that the three Tyrannosaurus children were picking on her child.

Sid tells her that he's a single parent. These baby dinosaurs are three baby Tyrannosaurus from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs , consisting of two males Egbert and Yoko , and one female Shelly.

Sid took them away from their mother , but she came searching for them and took Sid away with them, then she later became friends with Sid at the end of the movie.

They are very friendly dinosaurs, but due to being carnivores, they go too far in playing with other animals which eventually winds up with one of them eating a couple of the kids.

Despite knowing that Sid isn't their real father, they still loved and care for him to a point of protecting him from their angry mother.

They are later returned to their mother at the end of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. During the attempt, they were attacked by a flock of Cearadactylus , but they managed to evade them and rescue Sid in time.

After returning to the Plates of Woe, the pterosaur flew away after Buck asked if it had "ever thought of settling down and starting a family".

Roger's gender is unspecified in the film, but it is referred to as a female in the video game adaption. Among the other dinosaurs that live in the underground valley are Ankylosaurus , Brachiosaurus , Kentrosaurus which is depicted with a long neck like a Miragaia longicollum , Iguanodon , Troodon , Pachycephalosaurus , Triceratops , Chasmosaurus , Archaeopteryx , Guanlong and the pterosaurs Harpactognathus and Cearadactylus the filmmakers refer to them as " pterodactyl " and "pterosaur" respectively.

Also, the Dilophosaurus appears in the video game adaption where it has the same description as the version seen in the Jurassic Park franchise.

Gutt is a Gigantopithecus who is a self-styled master and pirate captain of the high seas. His name is based on the long sharpened fingernails that he uses to " gut " his enemies.

He is the main antagonist of the fourth film. His friendly demeanor quickly vanishes when Manny refuses; he throws the mammoth and his friends overboard, and furiously vows revenge when they destroy his ship and bounty during their escape.

Gutt enslaves a population of hyraxes to build a new ship for him, and also strips Shira of her rank as first mate when she reveals she did not attack Manny, giving her position to Squint.

Gutt leads his crew to battle against the unenslaved hyraxes, only for the hyraxes to be revealed as a distraction while Manny steals his new ship.

Enraged, Gutt quickly forges a new ship out of a wall of ice, propelled by his legion of narwhals. Gutt arrives at Manny's home, and takes Ellie, Peaches, and the other animals hostage.

Manny turns himself in to free his wife and daughter, but Gutt goes back on his word, stating that Manny took everything he had from him and the evil captain intended to do the same.

However, the timely arrival of Louis, Peaches' friend, sparks a fierce battle between the pirates and Manny's herd.

Gutt tries to fight Manny along with Raz, but Diego fights Gutt himself. Gutt chases Diego up a tree on the herd's ship, and knocks the sabertooth down with the rest of herd.

Gutt corners the herd, but he and his pirates are defeated by Granny's pet whale Precious. Gutt is swift enough to dodge Precious' blasts while Squint, Raz, Flynn, Dobson, Silas, and Gupta are knocked onto the side of their ship and into the sea; Gutt escapes and leaves his crew behind.

He is about to kill Ellie when Peaches knocks him onto the back of the ice. He then leaps at Manny and refuses to let him return to his family.

A new landmass emerges and launches the iceberg that the two are standing on into the air. Gutt battles Manny with his two swords, stating that "the sea isn't big enough" for the two of them.

Manny charges into Gutt, knocking him down, but Gutt is able to push the mammoth off of him. Manny charges again, but Gutt swings on a number of vines to catch up to the floe; Manny follows.

Gutt pushes Manny onto the front of the floe and grabs a log to finish him off, but Manny jumps onto the back of the floe, which launches Gutt off the floe.

Manny catches the log and hits Gutt, sending the evil ape flying out of fight. He lands in a cave river and grabs a piece of ice to float on the water; he notices fins sticking out of the water, and is shortly after eaten offscreen by a siren posing as a female Gigantopithecus.

Note : Jeremy Renner was originally set to voice the character, but was replaced by Peter Dinklage due scheduling conflicts involving The Bourne Legacy.

Flynn is a large English elephant seal appearing to be just as big as or even bigger than Manny in the film who makes his first appearance in the second part of Scrat's Continental Crack-up.

His lack of intelligence is the source of comic relief throughout the film. Flynn likes to eat fruit , and calls the song titled "Master of the Seas" a sea shanty.

When the pirates first encounter Manny's herd, Flynn inadvertently gives them directions to return to the continent, much to Gutt's exasperation.

The seal then joined the attack on the herd, squashing Sid underneath his bulk. When Manny's herd destroys the ship, leaving the pirates to drift at sea, Flynn initially panics at the prospect of drowning , but is reminded by an annoyed Gutt that he is able to swim.

Flynn worries about Shira when Gutt leaves her for dead, but he later propels the pirates to land aboard a small raft made of ice.

In the final battle, Flynn and Gupta corner Sid and Granny, only for the latter to summon Precious, sending the pirates running in fear.

Flynn rejoins the battle against Manny, but is defeated when Precious blasts him with water. Raz is an Australian Procoptodon who serves as the crew's resident weapons and artillery expert, hiding an arsenal of deadly bone swords in her pouch and using her powerful legs to launch projectiles at enemies by kicking them.

In the final melee against Manny's herd, she battles Manny herself, until she is blasted away by Precious. Silas is a blue-footed booby who usually scouts out for trouble ahead of the pirates.

Silas informs Captain Gutt of Manny and his herd's presence, claiming that their raft was a huge bounty ripe for the taking.

Silas later attacks Manny personally while the mammoth is escaping the hyrax island, but Manny bats him away with his trunk. Squint is a Palaeolagus.

He makes his first appearance in the second part of Scrat's Continental Crack-up. He is overconfident, somewhat psychotic, and dislikes being called adorable; he is berated many times by Gutt and Shira for trying to assume authority over the crew.

Squint holds a rivalry with Shira, which reaches its climax when Squint becomes Gutt's new first mate after Gutt insults Shira for failing to kill Manny and his herd.

In the final battle, Squint attempts to attack Shira as she is trying to free Ellie, but Shira mocks Squint's 'adorable nose', which agitates him and allows Ellie to stomp on him.

Dobson is a Metridiochoerus , who speaks in growls, oinks, and other pig noises although he appeared to be singing along with the crew in the "Master of the Seas" musical sequence.

He teams up with Raz in firing the cannons, loading them with chunks of ice for Raz to fire with her powerful kangaroo legs, and leaps down onto the heroes's ship with her to corner Manny.

Dobson later takes part in the final battle, fighting Crash and Eddie "rodeo-style", and is able to charge into Manny and knock him into the other ship along with Shira.

However, Dobson was blasted away by Precious along with the rest of the pirate crew. Gupta is a Bengali badger who's fur pattern on his back resembles a skull and crossbones , allowing the crew to use him as their pirate flag.

He is shown to be somewhat cowardly, wishing to fly the white colors of his underbelly when the pirate ship was being destroyed.

Gupta later is dropped onto Manny's face by Silas, distracting the mammoth long enough for Dobson to attack him and to corner the herd.

However, Gupta and the rest of the crew are blasted away by Precious. Ethan is a teenage woolly mammoth who takes a liking to Peaches, Manny and Ellie's teenage daughter, and becomes her love interest later.

He is a thrill-loving teenager who is openminded to Peaches being part of his group, and may have returned her affections.

But he is shown to be shallow when he tells Peaches to stop hanging around Louis. When Peaches sees she has hurt her friend's feelings, and that Ethan and his group are lacking in common sense, she decides to leave.

Ethan rudely remarks that "it's bad enough her family is half-possum", angering Peaches. Ethan, unlike his posse, seems to be at least partially rational, and might have felt guilt from hurting Peaches' feelings.

After Louis helps to save Peaches, Ethan and his group are impressed by his bravery. He asks to hang around with him and Peaches, to which Louis accepts.

Steffie is a teenager woolly mammoth who is the alpha girl of the Valley's popular crew. Her friends, Katie and Meghan, are always in agreement with her.

She does all that she can to keep any other girls away from Ethan, which is why she dislikes and insults Peaches.

She is the sassy leader of the Brat Pack. Although she is rude and unkind, she can be sweet when she is with Ethan; when Louis and Peaches show their bravery fighting Gutt, she begins to warm up to them.

Katie and Meghan are teenage woolly mammoths who are two of the first-rate members of the Valley's popular crew. Katie and Meghan are always in agreement with what Steffie says, and they do everything that Steffie does or asks.

To Steffie, Katie is likely more important than Meghan, as they sometimes leave Meghan alone. Katie is known as the gossip girl of the Brat Pack.

Sid is surprised by the return of his dysfunctional relatives who had abandoned him in the first film as they have a tendency to abandon him at specific points.

His family consist of:. They dump their eighty-year-old Granny for Sid to take care of. Believing something was happening, the family left the land; shortly thereafter, the Pangaea supercontinent begun to fragment.

Despite how his family had abandoned him, Sid was very enthusiastic to see them and still loved them. Eunice seemed to care for her son, as she said she was worried about him when they were separated.

When Sid replies that he thought they abandoned him, Marshall replies coldly that they did, but Eunice insists they were still worried about him and prompts her husband to insist they did.

However, when Eunice instructed Sid to show Granny around, she quickly shows herself to be as cruel as the rest of Sid's family, who leave hastily without looking back.

Milton adds that Granny was simply "dead weight". Their current status is unknown. Ariscratle is a saber-toothed squirrel that lives on Scratlantis.

His name is a pun on the Greek philosopher Aristotle. Sirens are shape-shifting fish-like creatures that lay on rock outcrops near the ocean, where they lure in creatures by casting hallucinations of entities attractive to the creatures such as loved ones, attractive potential mates, or even items such as Scrat's prized acorn.

Scrat kills a siren when trying to bury it, leading the others to chase him. At the end of the film, one lures Captain Gutt and consumes him after assuming the form of a female Gigantopithecus.

Precious is a foot-long Livyatan with three rows of teeth. Precious was the pet of a ground sloth named Granny; Granny's family, especially Marshall, thought her senile for talking on about her "dead pet".

But Precious was alive and had grown to an enormous size. When Granny, along with her grandson Sid and his friends Manny and Diego, were confronted at a cliff overhanging the ocean by a number of pirates, Granny called Precious, who rose up out of the water, opened her mouth, and allowed Granny to walk in along with Sid who was disgusted at the smell inside the whale.

Later, Granny and Sid use her like a submarine to fight with the pirates. Large, even for a whale, Precious was the beloved pet of Granny, who was always seen throwing food into the ocean when she was near it.

Precious was loyal to Granny, such that Granny could step inside the whale's mouth and commandeer her like a submarine.

Her blowhole was shown as being capable of delivering a nasty attack to the pirates, and she was able to swallow Manny to prevent him from falling in the sea.

They are first seen being forced to work as slaves by Captain Gutt, as they are used to load Gutt's treasure onboard and are even used to swab the deck as part of a mop.

Manny, Sid and Diego encounter the hyraxes that were not enslaved during a short trek on a deserted island in the jungle. Though somewhat wary of the visitors, the hyraxes quickly warm up to the Sub-Zero Heroes.

Manny feels that, if the hyraxes helped them, they could defeat the pirates; unfortunately, the hyraxes are unable to comprehend English and misinterpret Manny's request as asking for food.

Eventually, Sid is able to communicate to them that an alliance is necessary if the other hyraxes are to be freed and the pirates are to be defeated, much to the surprise of Manny and Diego.

The lead hyrax distinguished by his bushy eyebrows, lighter fur coloration, and lower voice tone , who hates Gutt with a passion, rallies his forces and decides to help the herd, much to the herd's delight.

During the attack on the pirates, the lead hyrax spearheads a cavalry attack, followed by a dive bombing rescue, which is a diversion used to trick the pirates into leaving the slave hyraxes and their ship unguarded while the herd frees the captives and overtakes the ship.

The enslaved hyraxes take an immense liking to Diego after he frees them. As the heroes escape on Gutt's new ship, the hyraxes fashion small ice boats, which they use to sail away to a new home in South America, taunting the pirates as they leave.

The hyraxes are last seen in South America, where they have made a new home and have even carved a hyrax-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty , welcoming the other animals.

A number of pirate rats or pie-rats made their homes on the "ship" of Captain Gutt, actually a giant iceberg carved into a seaworthy vessel with Gutt at its helm and a number of other animals as its crew.

The rats subsided more or less well off with Gutt on board, though one of them suffered Gutt's annoyance when it was caught mocking his apish movements and thus picked up by the ape and flung off the ship.

Later, once a number of seaborne mammals accidentally broke down Gutt's vessel, the rats abandoned ship, escaping into the waters below, with at least one pushed out forcefully by Scrat, another mammal taken hostage by Gutt.

The giant crab is a minor character in the fourth film. The giant crab was seen aboard Manny, Diego and Sid's "ship" during a storm.

After trying to escape, Sid was trapped on the edge of the floating land. The crab tried to attack him, but it noticed a giant wave heading towards them; Sid, noticing it too, clutched onto the crab's leg in a terrified trance.

As soon as the wave was gone, Sid tried to thank the giant crab for saving his life, but was horrified to see only its leg remaining, with leg then being blown away by the wind.

They make a living stealing eggs from other dinosaurs. The Dino-Bird Family take their leave from the dinosaur habitat underground where they pursue Buck when he steals back one of the Triceratops eggs that they have stolen.

While they were determined to stop Buck at the time he was assisting the Herd from combating the threat of an asteroid, they end up giving up on targeting Buck and help the Herd in stopping the asteroid and later attended Peaches' wedding.

Gavin is a tough-as-nails and misguided dromaeosaur who is part of an extended family of "flying birds" and the former main antagonist of the film.

Gertie is a posh and foxy dromaeosaur who is part of an extended family of "flying birds". Roger is a freaky and cowardly young dromaeosaur who is part of an extended family of "flying birds.

Shangri Llama is the spiritual leader of Geotopia. He is very flexible, and loves to do Yoga. His personality is very laid back, but can be easily stressed out.

Francine is a fair-and-square, high-pitched voiced Megalonyx and is Sid' ex-girlfriend. When Sid attempts to finally propose to her, she unlikely turns down his offer, leaving him confused and rejected.

He also acts as the narrator of the entire film and is a fourth wall breaker. Note : He is based on real live astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson , who also play his voice and served as a scientific consultant for the movie.

Prancer is a flying reindeer character in the special. He first appears where he saves Sid, Peaches, Crash, and Eddie during a white out.

When the rest of the herd caught up, Prancer accidentally caused an avalanche which ended up destroying Santa Claus' workshop and the toys that he built.

After the herd, Prancer, and the local Mini-Sloths repaired the toys and the workshop, Prancer was unable to pull Santa Claus' sleigh.

This results in Prancer summoning his family to come help where they promise to help Santa Claus on Christmas.

Santa Claus is a character in the special. Santa Claus is a magical human that brings children presents on Christmas.

He has built thousands of toys and was about to deliver them when the impending avalanche caused by the characters destroyed the toys and his workshop.

The herd alongside Prancer and the local Mini-Sloths were able to work to save Christmas by rebuilding the toys and Santa Claus' workshop. With the Mini-Sloths agreeing to work for Santa Claus, Prancer was able to round up his fellow reindeer in order to pull Santa Claus' sleigh.

The Mini-Sloths are Christmas elves in this special. Ethel is a female Gastornis who is among the parents that entrusted Sid to watch over her eggs.

The Condor Mom is a female Condor who is among the parents that entrusted Sid to watch over her eggs. Clint is a friendly rabbit who appears in the special.

He is the twin brother of Squint and becomes the Easter Bunny. Gladys Glypto is a Glyptodon who is among the parents that entrusted Sid to watch over her egg.

Cholly is a chalicothere who is among the parents that entrusted Sid to watch over his egg. In his case, he adopted an egg.

He previously appeared in the second film, where Manny mistook his flatulence for mammoth calls. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Das Eichhörnchen "Scrat" ist eine der beliebtesten Figuren aus der "Ice Age"-​Filmreihe. Vor rund Millionen Jahren lebte tatsächlich ein ihm. - Erkunde sonys Pinnwand „Ice Age - Scrat“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Ice age, Kindertorte, Motivtorten ohne fondant. scrat ice age

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